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  1. Tried left mouse click and Esc, still nothing. Unless there's a specific way to do it that I may be doing wrong. I haven't installed any mods either, so I'm perplexed. But I've requested a ticket on flight simulator zendesk for support and hopefully they can help.
  2. Nothing else is running in the background. I've just checked on task manager, which only has flight simulator. Unless there's another way you used to sort/find it out.
  3. Same issue here. But, nothing to do with overlays? If so, could you explain to me a clear step by step of what you did? As my keyboard was working fine until tonight, when it FS doesn't respond whatsoever. Mouse is fine, keyboard is fine outside of FS. Would appreciate any help. Also, any idea on how to connect ps4 controller to FS?
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