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  1. Please see information below from a previous post which may fix your issue. I think some of this is due to the forced sharpening that must be changed via the config file, not in-game settings. See below: Some of you might have noticed, MSFS uses an aggressive sharpening filter. Some like it sharp, fair enough, but I think the image looks much cleaner without it. Thankfully, we may now easily disable it. Also, there are better sharpening tools using NVIDIA Freestyle. Follow the link below for more info. Search for your UserCfg.opt, open it with notepad. It's located at \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\UserCfg.opt for regular installs. At the bottom, find this list. Set Sharpen to 0, save, that's it! {PostProcess Enabled 1 EyeAdaptation 1 ColorGrading 1 Sharpen 1 Fringe 1 LensDistortion 0 Dirt 1 LensFlare 0 FilmGrain 1 Vignette 1 LensBlurMultiplier 1.000000 FringeMultiplier 1.000000
  2. Worked great! Sim is now playable again! I can fly the TBM and airliners without a slideshow
  3. Thanks for the tweak with the Glass Cockpit aircraft! Helped a lot. Still having issues making custom weather while in multiplayer, even if I'm the host as well as our planes disappearing from each others view. Fixed the camera issue too, turns out I don't really miss spot plane view that much and prefer the new views FS2020 has embedded in the sim. They work pretty well.
  4. (1.) I am having some issues. I can get like 60fps in the Cessna 152 and other small props with everything on High and crazy real-world weather, thunderstorms, massive cloud formations and systems, etc. No problem. I can even pull about 40-50fps in Manhattan with all its buildings, etc. But for some reason, I load up a 747 ANYWHERE on earth, at literally the lowest graphics settings possible including lower resolution (I tried it) and cant get more than 10-15 fps. The heavy aircraft are not even playable in my opinion just due to the performance alone. Anyone else having this issue? I turned off everything to ridiculously low unplayable graphics and still get a slideshow. But flying at sunset over heavily populated areas with TrackIR, & massive clouds and buidlings it doesnt even hiccup in a C152. Head turning and panning smooth as butter. I'm not looking to crank everything up and fly the 747 but geez, 10fps at 1994 graphics settings??? GTX 1080 i7-6700k @ 4.5GHz 32GB RAM 500GB SSD 2000W PSU Watercooled Win10 2004 (2.)I am having a multiplayer issue when I group with my friend. 2 issues. One is that if I am the host, we cant see each other. Sometimes we will, then it will state that one of us has disconencted. Or one of us will just dissappear and we cant see each other anymore while flying together. The other issue is that neither of us can change customer weather while in multiplayer. Why is this setup like that? Even in FSX you could change the weather online with others. We wanted to do serious cross wind landings at KISP. (3.)Is there anyway to bring back the old 'spot plane' view from FSX and every other iteration of Flight Simulator? So I can pan around the plane from the exterior with a hat switch?
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