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  1. I’m disappointed the parking improvements didn’t make it into the release. Looking forward to some video reviews before I decide to buy or not. Note in the manual it states that incorrect lighting posts are not fixed for airports that use green centerline lighting due to coding limitations...
  2. With the King Air, if you leave the ignition on start, it will drain your battery and cause a loss of power to avionics, even when the generator is on, usually happens right during or after take off depending on taxi time.
  3. I’ve had the same problem on and off lately. Rebooting your PC may help. Otherwise I think it is a server issue as the problem seems to come and go randomly.
  4. I think the cloud cover seems pretty accurate most of the time and looks good. The problem is the winds and pressure are always off. Also random lightning constantly blasting out of every tiny cumulous puff is really annoying.
  5. I tried the same approach in a C172 G1000 Nxi and it worked fine. It also worked fine in the WT CJ4... This was KRDU ILS 05L, standard airport, not a scenery addon.
  6. Well I just tried a flight and although the VNAV worked great, the ILS still does not work. The AP will not follow the glide slope at all. And the glide slope itself was completely wrong, if I hand-flew it to the flight director I would end up in the ground > 2 miles short.
  7. Ya 1.1 is what I have used. There are no sounds except a very basic stock engine sound which doesn't match the real thing at all. No canopy, wind, or button sounds. Textures are very bland. No idea if the flight model is accurate or not.
  8. I bought it a couple weeks ago. It is lacking features, sounds, and good textures and seems more like a beta version. But I'm looking forward to it getting polished up.
  9. One thing that still really bugs me though is that once the tooltip appears it stays stuck in place and doesn't move with your cursor. Very annoying, and blocks other things I am trying to look at. I want the pre-SU5 tooltips back! :_(
  10. I might be crazy but I think this may have actually helped. I had to manually install update 211H, it was listed as optional. No way to go back to test if it really did help though.
  11. I dunno I am having CTD's every 5 minutes in just about every plane, including airlines and cubs.
  12. Civ4 is the best in the series and possibly the greatest turn based strategy game ever made. The fact that the AI plays in a predictable and logical way and is capable of beating players in any difficulty setting, but can be beaten in any difficulty setting with the right strategy, is a testament to that. If you are bordering an aggressive country and you think you can just peacefully develop without bother, then you deserve what you get! Same thing happened every time in real life! 🙂 Civ5 and 6 are garbage in my opinion primarily because the AI is just illogical, erratic, and useless. Many of the gameplay elements are designed around limiting the player in order to accommodate the useless AI instead of starting with good fundamental gameplay mechanics first. The difference between Civ4 and its later iterations is like the difference between playing Chess and playing craps with loaded die. Chess has refined strategies and you can easily be beaten by AI players if the difficulty is higher than your ability. The latter is just a bunch of random dice throws but you inevitably win.
  13. Well here is my experience with the hotfix so far: try 1, in JF Warrior: CTD 1 minute into game just as I started to taxi try 2, in C172: game hard locked while loading requiring hard reboot try 3, in JF Arrow: no crashes, had a sort of successful short flight. However it was plagued with interface and control bugs. Mouse cursor kept disappearing. Some camera bindings were not working. Was unable to change any keybindings because when I selected the button, the interface froze until I pressed escape. Lighting and clouds seemed to be unchanged from pre-hotfix, clouds were completely overexposed and blown out (this was in HDR mode, I do have HDR on in windows and an HDR monitor). When I tried to reset graphics settings, game CTD. 🤬
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