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  1. I think this shows that the 3080 will be a great upgrade from a 1080 to be able to run at 1440p ultra settings, but a 3090 would be total overkill because the sim is definitely CPU bound at that point.
  2. On the stock TBM there are the following interior lights: Cabin lights: These light up the passenger area only. There are lamps directly above and behind the pilot and copilot seats pointing forward which should illuminate the cockpit too but they do not, I submitted this as a bug to zendesk. Access light: These are small lights for the passenger area. Dimmer knob: When set at the max setting, the panel lights will be at max daytime. If you click it down one notch, it will turn on a flood light that illuminates the throttle area. If you continue dimming it, it will lower the brightness of the panel lights. Dimmer switch: does nothing?? CB lights (circuit breaker lights): turns on circuit breaker panel lights (ooh pretty!) Now, the important part: Pilot and Copilot map light: These are directly above the pilot and copilot seats and are turned on with a button next to the light. You probably need to turn your flashlight on to see where the button is. These light up the whole cockpit nicely, especially combined with the dimmer knob flood light on the throttle. edit: looks like my bug report got marked as solved yay! So hopefully it will be fixed in the next patch.
  3. Thanks for the tip. I like my Sim to look like how my eyes would see, not how a camera would record it. So I like eye adaptation but I dislike film grain, lens flares, etc. Also turning off artificial sharpening really helped reduce a lot of the visual artifacts, thanks! I wonder why these options aren't in the game menu.
  4. CTD's have been my main problem with the game so far. I haven't had other serious problems with performance or bugs but I do get at least one random CTD per day which is frustrating.
  5. Yes it seems like a lot of light's don't work right. Many planes have taxi lights which don't illuminate anything at all. Also in the TBM if you look behind and above your seat, you can see there are cabin lights pointing forward but they don't illuminate anything in the direction they are pointing when on. The only way I can see the panels at night is if I turn on the pilot and co-pilot lights directly above me which have their own individual buttons, but they are impossible to find without turning on my flashlight first and there's no keyboard binding for them.
  6. My favorite MSFS2020 youtuber here demoing how to do ILS: Flight Plan: Cessna 152 steam gauges: With G36 using Garmin G1000:
  7. I'm having the same problem with the CJ4. I can enter the code but there doesn't seem to be any way to change modes. The button seems to be on the Yoke itself but there is no way to interact with it. Luckily, even after they cancel your IFR, you can just re-request IFR until they cancel again over and over again. 😛
  8. I see zero traffic with live traffic. Also the AI traffic for some reason is EXTREMELY cpu intensive. Even setting it to 10 on the slider causes my frame rate to be CPU limited to ~30 FPS instead of GPU limited at around 45-50 FPS. edit: I'm on the US East coast server btw. I wonder if that server is just overloaded and toast since launch. Maybe the other servers are working?
  9. I concur I do not recall ever have seeing tearing, regardless of v-sync setting or frame rate. Which makes me suspect the setting is broken and v-sync is forced on. I have a freesync monitor with a range of 48-144 but I often have frame rates in the 30's and low 40's too. Also the frame limiter doesn't seem to work right for me. When I set it to 60, it seems to do nothing. FPS can be higher than 60 at any time. When I set it to 30, FPS is capped at -15-. When I set it to 20, it's capped at -10-. This is using the devmode FPS counter. Dunno what is up with that.
  10. I have an HDR monitor (Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD) and HDR10 works great for me. It is mainly noticeable on sunrises and sunsets, which look noticeably way brighter and more intense than everything else compared to standard color mode.
  11. Hi, I'm new to glass cockpit flight sims and I've been trying to get a handle on the basic autopilot functions. I noticed that the Beechcraft Baron G58's G1000 avionics does not have an altitude adjustment knob anywhere. It was driving me crazy trying to find it until I realized where it was supposed to be in other airplanes. So why does this plane have the ability to control VS by autopilot, but you can't set an altitude to do a FLC to or to hold at? Thanks!
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