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  1. Incidentally, Microsoft, as of Windows 10 v1607, has removed the MAX_PATH limitation of 255 characters, but you have to explicitly enable its removal. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/fileio/naming-a-file#maximum-path-length-limitation
  2. Assuming that you're asking how to move the folder structure which contains the Official and Community folders, let me tell you what I did. I had created a D:\FS2020DATA folder originally when I installed the Steam version, and then wanted to try moving to C:\FS2020DATA as my C drive is a M.2 drive and my D drive is spinning rust. I presume this would work for the Game Pass version as well, as both methods require the user to pick a location to store the Official and Community data. I first copied D:\FS2020DATA to C:\FS2020DATA. Then, rename D:\FS2020DATA to D:\FS2020DATA_OLD. (This way, you have the a copy of the files that you can easily restore if something gets messed up.) I found that UserCfg.opt stores the location of the data. This file was in my C:\Users\[YOUR USER NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator folder. At the bottom of the file, look for InstalledPackagesPath. InstalledPackagesPath "D:\FS2020DATA" I changed this to: InstalledPackagesPath "C:\FS2020DATA" Save, and then load up the game. As you've renamed the original folder, if there's any issue loading from the new folder, it should throw you an error message. Hope this helps!
  3. @starsailorzed I think they want you to try running as normal user, *not* as admin...
  4. I'd definitely submit a bug report for that so they can add a prompt in-game that the installed RAM isn't enough!
  5. Not necessarily, given some of the job postings expressly mention they're for working on Flight Simulator...
  6. I hope that my Kaby Lake i5 is the main issue; I notice that it's frequently pegged at 100%, although I've still done pretty well with it. I'm planning on upgrading to the new Ryzen 4000 desktop CPUs once they're available, so good to know that I should look for more than 4 cores.
  7. Hi, I had this as well where the weather toolbar was gone upon opening a saved flight. I reported as a bug to Zendesk. I recommend anyone else experiencing this to report as well; Asobo has said they welcome multiple reports of the same issue as that allows them to properly prioritize.
  8. At the same time, I think this is supposedly why you don't see damage implemented in a lot of car racing games, because manufacturers don't want their precious vehicles depicted as having a scratch after you just slid into another car!
  9. Errr, except the jury is still apparently out as to whether it’s conclusively a fake.
  10. I kind of have the converse issue; every single time I load up the game (except maybe once or twice), the "check updates" screen says it needs to download an update, and it downloads exactly 30.41 MiB. Every single time. I've turned in a bug report as I believe there's a glitch somewhere prompting my copy of MSFS2020 to think it needs to download 30.41 MiB over and over again.
  11. I think regardless of where you buy the sim, via Steam, etc, you need to have an Xbox login. This essentially is just your username for the game's multiplayer, but I believe it is required. An Xbox account is free to create.
  12. Out of curiosity, what graphic settings are you running on? I have no idea if that would cause the water to look cloudy, but I wonder?
  13. At the same time, adding 2D panels doesn't come without a cost. Let's suppose Asobo had decided in development that they wanted to have 2D panels. Now that means that the design they're working on has to be adjusted to interact with 2D panels, if it doesn't already. This may or may not be a simple change. Then, there's the cost of devoting developers to implement 2D panels. This is going to be some non-zero amount of time, and unfortunately, is hard to estimate in any project. For example, Ars Technica just did an interview with David Brevik, the lead designer of Diablo, a game which was originally turn-based, but after much discussion, the development team wanted it to be real-time. Brevik thought the changes would take at least a month to put in place: While his change turned out to be easier to implement than he thought, we can all think of converse examples, such as road construction, where they estimate it will take X years and $Y budget and instead it takes 2X years and YX budget. A couple of ongoing examples are NASA's SLS rocket, which has been repeatedly delayed and had cost overruns, and the military's infamous F-35 budget fiasco. Thus, assigning developers to work on 2D panels could take an uncertain amount of time for them to implement due to unforseen complexity, and would also prevent them from working on something else in the project. Implementing 2D panels then creates an added burden on the software testing team. Anything coded needs to be tested. Adding 2D panels would add yet more edge-cases that the testing team would need to check for. And of course, there's the Pareto principle, where 80% of the users use 20% of the features. We can see this in software development today where companies like Apple and even Google to an extent would rather code something that has less customization in the interest of making it simple and easy to use. And if most users never use the advanced features, these companies think, the users won't even know what they're missing!
  14. I was working on (edit: the Balkans) bush flight this morning and my C172 G1000 panels were freaking out at one point when I switched from exterior to interior view. I switched back and forth a couple of times, and it was still doing it. After taking a screenshot for the bug report, I was flying in exterior view for a bit, figuring I'd just not be able to use the GPS and really have to rely on VFR, but when I switched back a few minutes later, it was fine again. Maybe try flying for a few minutes and see if it resets?
  15. I was partway through the first leg. When I started the first leg again, it just put me partway through. It didn't give me an option to restart back to the beginning. I was able to complete the first leg by referencing the C172's glass GPS.
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