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  1. I just did a quick test flight in Portland... Bridges: Still BLEEEGGHHH. I know what bridges they are, but they're still wrong, and solid—it looks like you can't fly under them. This is affecting both those bridges over the Willamette and the Columbia. Although, the I-205 bridge over the Columbia looks like it is "fly-underable," but I haven't tried. Sellwood, Glenn Jackson (I-205 at Oregon City), and old Oregon City Bridges are also affected. Oregon Convention Center: The green glass spires seem better rendered? Satellite photos on the central eastside: At launch there was a weird color issue where colors would randomly shift in the imagery and they weren't matched together. This seems to have been corrected. Mt. Hood: At least from flying in Portland, it seems like Mt. Hood should be "pointier?" It seems a bit too rounded. Edit: Also, I got a "SINK ALERT" warning for the first time ever... Edit 2: I-205 over the Columbia is "fly-underable," BUT! The bridge isn't quite properly modeled, showing the small median center gap separating directions of traffic, and most importantly, traffic on I-205 doesn't actually go on the bridge. It comes up to the bridge and disappears.
  2. And when are they going to add the Disasters button so we can watch California split off and fall into the sea?
  3. Also, if you go into Content Manager, another 36MB of updates available; looks like Japan-related landing challenges and photogrammetry.
  4. I don't think a lack of USA trailer is concerning; the Japan world update was released on 9/29, and the Japan world update trailer was uploaded to YouTube on 9/29. Edit: Hmmm, evidently not, as the Xbox account's trailer shows 9/29, but GameSpot Trailers shows the video uploaded on 9/25. 🤨 Sorry!
  5. Great news that they're issuing a hotfix, and hopefully this means they'll do the same in the future when other issues arise caused by a patch.
  6. See, it turns out MSFS is just simulating our post-apocalyptic future. Like Fallout meets Flight Simulator!
  7. It looks like the "Free Content" section was added to the Marketplace with this patch? I don't remember seeing it earlier this week.
  8. So I just listened to the portion of the 9/30 developer Q&A video on YouTube where they announced the USA world update. They said it would be "later this year" and that world updates would be "every 2–3 months." I imagine the "world updates" mentioned in the 10/8 development update was just referring to general fixes and updates in the world, not a comprehensive world update like the Japan update was and (hopefully) the USA update will be.
  9. Well, I mean, this could be interpreted as that (emphasis mine)—from the October 8th development update: But looking at the development roadmap graphic from the same update, it doesn't show any World Updates through November. I figure they would update when it's closer to release? Edit: I'll go watch the developer video and see if they say. Maybe they did give the impression that it would be released today!
  10. There's also been an update to the SDK from to
  11. World Update 2 (USA) hasn't yet been released. It's not on the Development Roadmap as of the October 8th update.
  12. Yeah, they’re saying it is being fixed but was never intended for Patch 4. I can see communication failures happening; I know that they happen at my work and that I make mistakes. Sometimes even quite a few in a row. But I am disappointed and hope that the patch process is fixed for the future.
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