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  1. So after going over and over this, I finally managed to get a hold of the manufacturer and we decided it was the pods after all. I'm still not sure if that was the case since it only had the issue after I did that calibration, but regardless, I have replaced the yoke and I'm flying again. Hopefully if someone else has an issue one of the many solutions presented here can help.
  2. I didn't realize that CMDelete.exe was a program that came with Control Manager, but I have found it now. However, it still didn't seem to clear the calibration and it's still using both axes. I had already downloaded and ran Control Manager, though. That was actually where the problem started as it only began using both axes after I ran the Control Manager calibration. I was just trying to get rid of a very slight drift to the right, but it was not using both axes at that time and still worked more than good enough to fly. Again, it was only immediately after using Control Manager that it began to use both axes. I'm hoping for some way to completely reset the calibration data. Is there another way besides using CMDelete.exe or ClrCalib.exe to do so? Seems like there should be a registry in Windows I should remove or something like that, but I can't find anything that would do it.
  3. Thanks for that, but sadly I have searched the depths of Google and haven't found CMDelete.exe for download. I did try ClrCalib.exe previously, but it didn't do the job. Do you know where I can find it, or any other ways to clear the data?
  4. The thing is, it worked almost perfectly before I used the Control Manager, it just pulled to the right slightly. Now, after using Control Manager it is off center and it uses both the X and Y axes at the same time. So it doesn't seem like it would be dirty pods. I think it just messed everything up when I tried calibrating with Control Manager, but I can't find any way to clear it all out and just get back to default.
  5. I have been playing Flight Simulator 2020 since it's release with my Flight Sim Yoke and it has been great, but a few days ago it began to pull to the right. I searched for a solution and found that using the CH Control Manager may fix the problem, so I did that. After using it, however, everything went bonkers. It seems to be using the X and Y axes at the same time now, and has a permanent hard pull to the left. I've now tried several suggestions including using ClrCalib.exe to attempt to clear out the data and nothing has worked. I'm guessing it's because they have been suggested solutions for older FS versions, but I really don't know for sure. Does anyone have another solution that might work? I'm completely baffled and would prefer to not have to buy all new hardware to fly.
  6. I have been able to play just fine since the game came out, but suddenly had this issue. It would ask me for a disc every time I tried loading up, but I have no disc because it's a digital copy. I couldn't figure out what was going on. Turns out the issue was that I was using a shortcut I had created. When I loaded up the program directly from the exe instead of from the shortcut, it worked fine. I don't know if this will help anyone else, but I hope it does.
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