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  1. So sorry, I had a post which got "hung up" and never posted which had the details. It just said it was under review. The jist is this: I have a "max" machine which was built with the highest recommended specs for msfs2020. I didn't have my yoke or control quadrant available so I was trying it out with my keyboard. Worked sketchy for a couple of days then all commands stopped. When I restart it picks up right where it was but I have absolutely no control inputs. I have seen people talking about some overly with their graphics accelerator but I don't have that one. My card is an nvidia 9800 w/8gigs onboard and 36 M ram and i have an i7 generation processor. I finally gave up and contacted Microsoft and actually got a refund. I will buy again after they have time to work out all the bugs and there is some online support available through MS or users. Too frustrating. I am an actual pilot and really looked forward to testing the response. Thanks.
  2. What is wrong with my post. Very simple and to the point. NO opinions or politics. Jb
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