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  1. Nice! I have some regions in Alaska on my short list to build into bush trips in the Sim. Such beautiful wilderness up there
  2. Thank you so much for your support! It’s a beautiful place and people really seem to enjoy the crazy bush trips I created. Do the Central one first, than the north. That will take you all the way from Boise in the South to B.C. Canada in the North. Please let me know your thoughts when you get a chance to start flying them. Thanks!
  3. After three weeks of blood, sweat and tears, my North Idaho Bush Trip is done! This one was a monster to create. This 18-Leg Spring Time Adventure will take you to the most beautiful and remote locations in the North Idaho backcountry, all while navigating intense weather and challenging landing strips. Much like my Central Idaho Bush Trip, mountains and rivers dominate the remote landscapes of northern Idaho. This trip is so extensive, I couldn’t keep it all in Idaho! Covering almost 800 nautical miles, from the Bitterroot Wilderness in Montana to the Palouse in Washington, this exciting trip will show you why this remote region is one of the most beautiful locations in the United States. https://msfsbushtrips.com/north-idaho-bush-trip-for-microsoft-flight-simulator-2020/ I learned a TON in creating this bush trip, and I think you will see that the writing is much more descriptive, the waypoints more identifiable, and the weather much more diverse, thanks to the SoFly weather preset pack. Thank you to all of you in the AVSIM forum who provided great feedback on the thread for my Central Idaho Bush Trip and over email, which helped me make this one bigger and better. I loved hearing how much fun you all had while flying it!
  4. I knew it was easy and I would feel like an word not allowed. Thank you so much for all you have given us Alex!
  5. This works perfectly! Side note, anyone or @albar965 know how to remove the grid lines from the map? I have looked everywhere and searched online. I am sure it's super easy and I am just missing it.
  6. THANK YOU!!!! This is going to make creating my custom bush trips even easier and more accurate. Thank you so much! And thank you @albar965 for the most amazing companion tool ever made for Flight Sims
  7. Thank you for the kind words and the shoutout @Fielder! FYI I released a really fun 18-Leg North Idaho Bush trip this week! Check it out. Also, I just did a big overhaul on the Central Idaho bush trip with much better weather (using Weather Preset Pro from SoFly) and much better directions and waypoints. A couple of the legs were completely redesigned. I will send you a link to download it tomorrow if you feel like taking it for another spin, but you would definitely really like the new North Idaho Trip! Also, this is awesome. I always wanted Google Maps in Little Nav Map! Downloading now! Thanks for sharing this!
  8. Thank you! Please let me know your thoughts in here when you start flying it
  9. Thank you so much! While it was fun just following the directions, it just feels so much more “real” now. Thanks for the support!
  10. Thanks so much! Yeah all the feedback has been that it’s much more entertaining and challenging than the stock bush trips. That means a lot to me because I worked so hard on this. Look for a new one later this week!
  11. Embark on this epic 15 leg adventure bush trip through Idaho's remote back country and challenging landing strips right from the Bush Trip menu in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. This bush trip will behave just as the included bush trips, with the added feature of being able to adjust the time, date and weather. This is crucial as this bush trip adventure will take you through the incredible remote wilderness and challenging airstrips of central Idaho during thunderstorms, snow, and a giant pink super moon. After 10 days of reverse engineering and ripping my hair out, I have finally been able to successfully create a In Game Bush trip experience based on the popular Idaho Bush Trip post that was shared in the forums over here back in early September. To celebrate finally being able to sleep again, for a limited time, I will be offering it for 20% off for AVSIM members. Use the code AVSIM at checkout. Central Idaho Bush Trip You can still do this bush trip for free by following the directions on my website, but if you want the best experience, simply use the AVSIM code at checkout. I have worked my tail off on this trip for over a month now, so I really hope you all enjoy it. And please send me all feedback, both good and bad! Cheers, Michael Bonocore
  12. Ah thanks so much Vic! I really appreciate it. Yeah, it's a tough call all around on how to share these kind of things with the community. I really did enjoy putting it together, but, it was a ton of work. It would have been much easier if the MSFS flight plan tool wasn't in such bad shape. There was many points of frustrations where I would have much preferred to be free flying in all of the locations I have on my 'To Fly To' list, but I just thought about how much people might enjoy it, so I wanted to finish it to get it out there. So I figured I would give people the option to contribute if they enjoy the experience, which will help make it easier for me to put off my 'real work' to create more of these in the future. Luckily I work for myself, so my boss isn't too word not allowed at me 🙂 And yes, Idaho is beautiful. I never realized how many landing strips we had until I started putting this together. And that was just a small section of Idaho. I am lucky to live in such a beautiful location with so much wilderness, even though the winters are brutal! Thanks again for all your help Vic. I am really learning alot from scouring AVSIM. Some highly knowledgeable people here! Michael
  13. No worries. I just wanted to make it so people didn't have to download a zip file if they didn't want to, so I put all the information on a website post. I know I am sometimes cautious of what I download, so I wanted to give people the option to just have the information without being forced to download something. Thanks again!
  14. That's what I figured, I just couldn't find the specific information stating that. Thanks for the response!
  15. I am not sure about this. I tried to post a new topic with a link to my Idaho Bush Trip freeware and it wasn't approved. There is no ads on the site where the instructions for the bush flight are hosted, and it's free for anyone who wants it. So I am just as confused as ever. Haha
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