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  1. Definitely, its a work in progress. For the time being I'm saving a backup of the xml after every button creation because deleting messes everything up. I'm considering creating the rest of the buttons and encoders manually in the xml since i have a pretty good idea of what the UI is doing.
  2. Great, that's perfect! 63 was a red herring for me. changing to 1000 works perfectly. now i have two knobs, a course for 1000 ft and another for 100 ft increments. now we're getting somewhere! i have to go to bed but I'll look forward to a dev version when you have time to work on it and release it. FYI, as soon as i get this working I'll be creating a how-to on the MSFS forum. The vjoy solution and python script is not an idea solution. your tool is much more specific.
  3. ok, this works. Now i'm starting to understand. When i set the incr and decr both with a value of 100 the knobs work as expected. Anything other than 100/100 and only one works.
  4. Thanks Oliver, coming up. If its fixed, i assume i won't need to ask what the number is for decreasing 100ft? 63 increases 100ft, but 63 does not decrease 100ft.
  5. Would you provide a numerical listing of the commands so that I can work on configuring the application manually? Interestingly, the heading bug with a value of 1 worked without any problems. So i'm not certain what the actual issue is. I did purchase the full version today. Turk
  6. Good morning, I've created a video of a bug i'm experiencing in creating new mappings. Essentially, when I create a mapping the correct variable for the action is not being written. If i manually update the xml with the correct mapping it works. Don't ask me how i found the right mapping, because i don't know. Somehow I was able to create one mapping that had the correct number by accident, though i cannot reproduce how I did it. Please see the video below for a clear display of what's happening. https://youtu.be/z8_PeRVMRgM
  7. I may have solved my own problem, it works much more literally. When I set it to pitch bend instead of type CC it works. Also, I found that if i set up the repeat function it scrolls through the heading degrees more quickly depending on repeat speed. I think this is just going to be the ticket! Sorry for thinking this through in your forum. Feel free to delete this thread to declutter if you prefer.
  8. Hi again, The X-Touch Mini midi controller has arrived and I started fooling with configuring it today. The buttons work flawlessly, however, the encoders are really giving me fits. Attached is a video clip of me slowly turning a knob to the right. Every time it changes direction its because i've completed rotating the knob as far as I can and regrasp the knob and start turning it again. Any ideas what's going on here? I've tried playing with the settings, and i'm pretty sure that Relative2 is the min value i need. Thanks for your help.
  9. Ahh, so that's probably why there's no keybinds for those functions either. I guess they just didn't finish everything before release. What a bummer. Thank you for your responses. once i get the midi board in i'll give the demo another try. If its just plug and play it still gives me a good reason to use your app instead of configuring a vjoy python script. Have a great day!
  10. Please find the application crashes i pulled from my event viewer. Disregard, i just saw your note about it shutting down after 20 minutes. Fault bucket 1685087941418086332, type 4 Event Name: APPCRASH Response: Not available Cab Id: 0 Problem signature: P1: LorbyAxisAndOhs_MSFS.exe P2: P3: 5f526a54 P4: KERNELBASE.dll *edited out the rest of the post since its expected behavior*
  11. Ok, after starting over I've successfully bound the HEADING_BUG_INC and COM_RADIO_FRACT_INC_CARRY to the wireless controller. However, when I attempt the same process for G1000_PFD_FLIGHTPLAN_BUTTON nothing happens. I checked and unchecked repeat to see if that had anything to do with it, and it makes no difference. I also tried G1000_PFD_ZOOMOUT_BUTTON and a few of the other g1000 commands. I haven't been able to map any of the g1000 commands successfully. I've also had the app close, multiple times without warning, while actively looking through the list of possible commands. Its just closes, as if I had clicked the X to close the app. It doesn't appear to crash or change to not responding. Below screenshot shows the working com radio and heading bug, and not working fpl button. Thanks for your help.
  12. Last night i actually tried that with the o and the p key on the keyboard to see if it had anything to do with my console controller and experienced the same issue. In this instance, I wasn't working with the midi device yet, its still in the mail. i was using a PS4 Controller connected via USB that is recognized in your app and in the sim. I was trying to map the Triangle, Square, Circle and X buttons. I actually originally had attempted it with FPL and Direct buttons which were my main concern to get working because there's no corresponding keybind in the settings. These should be single press momentary switches that open the menu. I'll give it another go this morning without the templates and with your example. I'm only testing with the controller to make sure its working before the midi device arrives. The midi device that i have coming is the X-Touch Mini with 8 encoders, 16 buttons, and one slider switchable between two different profiles which effectively gives you 16 encoders, 32 buttons, and 2 sliders in a small form factor. I will report back shortly on using your exact scenario above.
  13. Good evening, I have a midi controller in the mail currently that I've been preparing to setup. I've been working through the different ways to apply it and your tool came up with functionality that appears to not be supported directly through existing keybinds. I've downloaded the demo version of the application and connected it this evening with a console controller to start messing with it. The controller works without any issues for drone camera functions. Just to be sure I removed all key binds that included any of the test keys. Long story short, I've selected 4 possible functions from the drop down, assigned them to 4 different buttons on the controller, created a template on the DA62, applied the template to the DA62 and they don't do anything. I've rtfm and I'm not sure what i could be doing wrong. I've listed out my process below. I backtracked to more common functions because my original intent is to use functions that aren't supported with key mappings in the simulator like the FMS buttons and knobs. This looks like exactly what i need, and i'm happy to buy a license if i can get this working. thanks in advance for your assistance. Installed required software Run Simulator Run Axis and Oh's Connected to Simulator, select DA62 Assigned Button - Create Key Down Event - Heading_Bug_Inc, Key Up Event Blank, Virtual Key none, Assigned Key Wireless Controller Button 0 (connection to he controller is wired, fyi), assign combo none, all other options off. Assigned Button - Create Key Down Event - COM_Stby_Radio_Swap, Key Up Event Blank, Virtual Key none, Assigned Key Wireless Controller Button 3 (connection to he controller is wired, fyi), assign combo none, all other options off. Create Template Test 2 Applied Template Test 2 to this aircraft. Push buttons on controller and the green light lights up in Axis and Ohs Go to sim, press buttons. nada.
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