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  1. Hi Alex, sorry for the late reply: 1- I have a modified STEAM installation path 2- Correct, file is in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Flight Simulator\UserCfg.opt 3- InstalledPackagesPath "C:\Jogos" (My path is the same for base files and community ondes) 4- C:\Jogos\Official\Steam\fs-base and C:\Jogos\Official\Steam\fs-base-nav 5- Full path to Comunity is C:\Jogos\Community ------------------------------------------------------ As far as I can understand at the moment, all steam installations have the same location for UserCfg.opt file. Then i chose the same base folder for base files and community ones. Best regards and thanks for your commitment!
  2. Regarding database creation, its detecting correctly my MSFS2020 Base Path, but then expects the files to be in "/Official/OneStore/", so it returns that it can't read base path. In Steam installations the path is "/Official/Steam/". I have checked and the required files are there.
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