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  1. I've done essentially what Cloudpiercing has done. Got 24"x 48" x 1/4" piece of smooth plywood, painted it white and mounted the Alpha & Bravo with tiny little screws, That plus adhesive pad holds. If I need to, I can just lift the board off the desk. Initially, I just used the adhesive, but removing it several times for adjustment seemed to have weakened it. Washing with clear water helped for a while, Going into a slow left bank, the yoke came loose. I could have used two more hands to recover, but managed to hit Active Pause.
  2. Hi Birdguy. I remember Lombard St. Back in '51 I was stationed in SF (100 Harrison St) for a few months after I got back from Korea. Drove down Lombard a couple of times in My '48 Buick convertible, Slow and easy. Sometimes it seemed like the front end of my car was on one curve and the back on another.
  3. Any film with Judy Holliday. Even if the rest of the cast is good, when she comes on the screen brightens.
  4. Only 10 I never heard on the screen..
  5. You want to see dancing, catch 'Broadway Melody of 1940'. Fred Astaire met his match in Eleanor Powell.
  6. Apparently so. The Japan Update screen appeared until the USA came along.
  7. 0861GUNS

    Day 1...

    Thought I'd drop in here for a bit. I believe I'm probably older than most of the people here. I was almost a teen-ager when Pearl Harbor was hit. Was lying on the floor at my uncles house in New Rochelle, NY listening to Glen Miller playing 'Elmer's Tune' on the radio when they broke in for the announcement. Not a clue what they were talking about. Unfortunately, the shooting ended before I could get in. A couple of my friends from junior high and high school could pass for older and made Saipan, Tinian and Iwo. I managed to get my turn in Korea. Regarding the comments about the Submarine Service. They may not have won the war single-handed, but it can be argued that without their successes and sacrifices it would have been a much different war in the Pacific. Their killed in line of duty was something like 20%. My first duty station after Boot Camp was at the Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, NH. Several WW2 boats were there for refitting. One I remember was Odax. We also had two operational U-Boats, 2513 and 3008 as well as U-505 which was in bad shape. Now, as to the Submariners. We Marines held them in such high regard that they could get away with almost anything. Sailors would come in through the gates from Liberty swinging and swaying, covers on the back of their heads, sleeves rolled up(embroidered dragons showing) and we'd bring them up short, unless they were wearing Dolphins. If they were sober enough to make it to their boat without falling into one of the empty drydocks we'd let them go on. We never enforced petty discipline on Submariners. Birdguy, I returned to the States from Japan in 1954 aboard Calvert. I had been there 14 Glorious months with 3rMarDiv.
  8. 0861GUNS

    Day 1...

    Yeah, sometimes it was fun being a Drill Instructor.😊.
  9. I second what Paddler said. I'm the last of a bunch of Marines who had a lot of great times before and during the Korean War. I can still see them as they were at age 20.
  10. Well, I'm not a pilot so these are aircraft I've flown in as passenger. SNJ, C130, B25, R4D, R5D, Constellation, L1011, DC10, 707, 727, 737, 747, 757. Helos- H-13, H-34, HR2S. Most fun was aerobatics in the front seat of the SNJ, The pilot was my boss, a Marine fighter pilot. Scariest was as a simulated casualty on the outside of the H-13.
  11. Thank you all. I just joined AVSIM. This is the only place that solved this problem for me. In my case just pressing the left mouse button works, in just a few seconds I'm on the Welcome screen.
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