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  1. I ran into this freeze while changing my cache location (copy and pasted to another SSD). I thought the freeze meant I did it wrong (program didn't like the change), so I deleted the old cache selections and recached them. That worked, happy, everything was fine after a few hours of caching. When I played the game and returned to cache screen to cache more areas, it was frozen again. I would say for now, if you start from a blank cache, probably best to do ALL your caching in one session without exiting the caching screen, or you risk being frozen out of additional caching activity! I even let the thing sit for an hour to see if it would recover and be accessible, but no dice. Paul
  2. I am noticing in my overclocking adventures, my CPU's (OC'd all cores to 5.0) will clock down to my AVX off-set (4.8) 50% of the time running the sim...I have removed my AVX off-set so I a running faster clocks 100% of the time hoping that will help with the sim-math going on. FS2020 is using AVX right....I mean, why else would I be seeing AVX-only clocks? Paul
  3. Hello, my first post. :) So much talk about CPU vs GPU bottlenecks, and less than perfectly optimized coding...makes me curious what would be the theoretical specs necessary to run FS2020 at 4K Ultra maxxed out to 60 frames per second, without any dips or drops or glithes, in the most demanding scenario possible in the sim? How about 8K 60fps Ultra? I understand NOTHING currently available allows this, so this is more of a brain boggler to see what type of crazy processing is required to reach those framerates. 6GHz single core CPU speed? RTX 4090? Have the limitation causing glitching and frame rendering slow down been reasonably enough identified to theorize about this? Paul
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