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  1. I bought this aircraft. It takes some getting used to. For those who own this version, please advise on how to align the heading indicator with the compass. My display is 180 degrees out of whack.
  2. I just acquired the Logitech Multipanel device and noted that the CRS control operates only on the OBS for VOR 1. With the planes I fly, I have no need for an Auto throttle. Is it possible with Axis and Ohs to remap the autothrottle switch to selection of the VOR1 or VOR 2 for the CRS change?
  3. The new MSFS update fixed the inop avionics problem!
  4. I have tried the keyboard a+1, a+2 map and the eliminate ground aircraft suggestions and neither works, unfortunately. Still no avionics. I am on hold with MS to request a refund for the Mooney. When the bugs are eliminated, I'll take another look at the plane.
  5. I purchased the Carenado Mooney for MSFS and started it up. I started the Avionics and everything came on. Beautiful panel. Within 5 minutes all avionics died. No Garmin and no NAVCOM radios. Nothing. Attempts to restart them were fruitless. I restarted MSFS and restarted a flight with the Mooney. The avionics now would not turn on at all. I had nothing connected other than Alpha yoke, TM TQ and TM rudder pedals. Any thoughts?
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