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  1. Had a win chaps. Have had a CTD since I installed the software weeks ago where every time I tried to access the options, crash. Every single time. The only way I could alter my graphic settings was through Nvidia GForce Experience. After providing my dxdiag and msinfo txt files, within 24 hours they had a solution for me. Check that the English - US voice package was installed in my Windows operating system... it wasn't. I put it in (very simple process) and voila, next time I opened the game, options were available. I am over the moon to say the least. If anyone has a similar odd CTD, try this: Microsoft Flight Simulator can crash when the English (United States) Language Pack is missing or corrupted. To fix this issue, in Windows search, go to Language Settings > Speech > Manage Voice If the English (United States) Language Pack is already installed Select the voice package English (United States) Click on Remove Click on Add voices In the search bar type "English" Reinstall the English (United States) Language Pack If the English (United States) Language Pack is not installed Click on Add voices In the search bar type "English" Install the English (United States) Language Pack If the problem persists after (re)installing the US language pack, remove and reinstall all the other language packs installed on the system.
  2. Hi Wim, Thank you for the response. No weird apps running in the background. I'll try to change to a window through the user.cfg and see if that makes a difference. I have a gut feeling that it is not MSFS itself, but some other weird thing going on with my system and the software. Resolution and Hz setting of my display maybe? I really don't know.
  3. I hope someone can offer assistance. MSFS 2020 loads fine, I can tailor a flight through the world map, I can fly, no issue so far... However, every time I try and go into the options - general tab to change graphic options, it is an immediate CTD, every, single, time. I have reinstalled the software three times, no change. The only way I can manipulate the settings is by using the GeForce Experience app (which does work) but that only allows me to change the general graphics settings. I logged a bug issue with ZenDesk over two weeks ago, no reply. I bought a new system to run this - i7 10700k, 2070 RTX, 32GB ram - and all my other games run perfectly well, except this. It is doing my head in as I have no access to change any of the cloud powered graphic settings (Bing data, photogrammetry options etc etc.). I have the latest drivers, I have ensured the Microsoft store has updated everything - basically I have attempted every CTD fix that the net has offered over the past few weeks to no avail. You are my only hope Obi-Wan... Thanks in advance! Old Archie
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