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  1. ***SOLVED*** I have finally managed to fix this for myself by running through the following: Load up to the main menu, Options, Assistance, change the preset to “All assists” - this is the mistake I was making, I individually changed each setting to on. DONT DO THAT, change the preset at the top of the page! Apply and save the changes. Close the sim. Restart the PC. Load up to the main menu again, Options, Assistance, now change the preset to “True to life” - again making sure you do it via the main preset. Apply and save, close the sim, restart the the pc again. Then you should be good to go! Load the sim up, start a flight, and the ATC box should pop up! Hope this helps anyone else having the problem.
  2. Yes thanks Robert, I just need to find where the profile is stored for Microsoft Store Installs.
  3. I think the problem is in the configuration settings. I have both the Standard and the Premium Deluxe version installed in different locations on the same HDD. Under the Xbox login that has assess to the Game Pass Standard Edition the ATC works as normal. Whereas under the Xbox login that has the Premiun Deluxe version install the ATC window doesn't show up and the ATC option under the Toolbox settings is greyed out. As a test, I signed out the Xbox profile that is using the Standard version (where ATC was working OK) and signed in with the Premium Deluxe Xbox profile and the ATC is no longer working. So this suggests it is problem with the settings in the Xbox profile rather than the downloaded files themselves. So even if you were to uninstall and redownload the 80Gb, then you would still have the same problem. Not sure how to fix as yet.
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