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  1. Has anyone loaded MSFS onto it's own dedicated drive? Is there much benefit or do files get loaded all over the PC anyway? Just thinking of protecting space my my main drive. My second is for photos, movies etc so don't want to use that. What size would work? Do you need a full 1TB or would 500GB be enough for sometime? I
  2. Looking a heap of youtube comparisons between 16 and 32gb.. there's a difference but only marginal.
  3. I had wondered if 32Gb would make a difference. Internet over ethernet. It's as fast as it seems to get around here and is sold as fiber.
  4. Happy to add any more info if it's a factor. Just ask 🙂 I have two screens. MSFS only used on one. Primary Screen: LG, 1080p 1920x1080 60Hz via HDMI Second screen: Phillips, 1920x1080 60Hz via DVI (never used MSFS on this)
  5. So I turned everything to max settings turned on Bing Data Maps and photogrammetry etc. I flew King Air about NYC and got 4FPS lol. FIRSTLY: I know and willing accept I set my settings way beyond my systems capabilities. But a question I had was... would any single system upgrade make a difference when dialed back a bit. Here's what I have: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X RAM: 16.9GB GPU: RTX 2060 Super Motherboard: B450 Aorus Pro Wifi Installed On: 1TB SSD Internet Speed Test Via Google: 49.8Mbps download 10.1 upload
  6. Cheers. Why on earth do you need to update in two places
  7. I can see and "buy" the world update but it won't download. When I go into content manager I see a lost of items say "Newer Game Version Required to Update" It says "OWNED", download is disabled. How can I force this upgrade to download?
  8. Okay, I've finally caught the MSFS curse and it's broken for me. I'm surprised given what I read it's worked for so long for me without incident. Anyway, I can't get in. I'm getting 'Access to the content servers is currently unavailable. Please ensure you have an active internet connection.." Which I do because here I am. Let the update running overnight, got up to no progress so killed the program in an attempt to try again. but no. Looking at zendeck found this. https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016892819-Access-to-the-content-servers-is-currently-unavailable-error-message Tried this with no luck. Any known solutions?
  9. Is it me or... - Auto Pilot dials going out of control meaning very hard to set things like altitude - Yesterday I added the Air Asia livery from the mega pack. Looked okay on the menu, in game I get FlyByWire skin. Today added a few more, select Tiger in the menu, in game I get Air Asia?? Are these bugs common? Any temporary workarounds?
  10. I might be using the wrong terms. I used to load waypoints in... RouteFinder - http://rfinder.asalink.netBasic IFR route generator - not for actual navigationCommercial usage is forbidden. Automated queries: only by prior arrangement.(C)1997-2020 ASA srl - Italy NAT: Eastbound track message identification is 299NAT: Westbound track message identification is 299Computed route from HARTSFIELD - JACKSON ATLANTA (KATL, KA) to MIAMI INTL (KMIA, KM): 12 fixes, 790.7 nautical milesCruise altitude between FL330 and FL380 KATL (0.0nm) -SID-> RESPE (119.9nm) -J89-> WUDEE (182.0nm) -J89-> NOONE (205.1nm) -J89-> ATL (240.1nm) -Q79-> YUESS (365.1nm) -Q79-> IISLY (425.0nm) -Q79-> EVANZ (478.4nm) -Q79-> DOFFY (521.1nm) -Q65-> MGNTY (597.4nm) -DCT-> JUULI (606.4nm) -STAR-> KMIA (790.7nm) Details: ID FREQ TRK DIST Coords Name/Remarks KATL 0 0 N33°38'12.11" W084°25'40.31" HARTSFIELD - JACKSON ATLANTA RESPE 350 120 N35°35'30.55" W084°55'12.30" RESPE WUDEE 170 62 N34°34'43.51" W084°39'58.82" WUDEE NOONE 170 23 N34°12'06.62" W084°34'27.04" NOONE ATL 116.9 170 35 N33°37'44.67" W084°26'06.22" ATLANTA YUESS 160 125 N31°40'59.99" W083°33'31.19" YUESS IISLY 168 60 N30°42'37.69" W083°17'57.71" IISLY EVANZ 156 53 N29°54'12.10" W082°52'03.80" EVANZ DOFFY 156 43 N29°15'22.72" W082°31'38.09" DOFFY MGNTY 195 76 N28°01'32.98" W082°53'19.70" MGNTY JUULI 121 9 N27°56'59.99" W082°44'29.99" JUULI KMIA 134 184 N25°47'43.30" W080°17'24.41" MIAMI INTL Tracks are magnetic, distances are in nautical miles. KATL SID RESPE J89 ATL Q79 DOFFY Q65 MGNTY DCT JUULI STAR KMIA [Back]
  11. I've been off the A320 the last and just went into do a flight, KATL-KMIA. Loaded up cold and dark at a gate. Turned my nav on lite up the cockpit with power. Went to the MCDU to load a flight plan. Went into the INIT page, loaded KATL-KMIA into the from and to etc. Added a flight number cost index cruise altitude. Went to F-PLN to load in my SID,STAR and waypoints. Click departure, top left KATL nothing happens. Same for arrival. Can't select anything. What's changed?
  12. I loaded the program, at a favorite airport in LA and I then attempt to do my usual exterior look around. My Camera icon on the menu was 'white' but the window wasn't open. I closed the program opened it again and the same issue. Flying the 172. Anyone else experienced this? Any known fixes or is it a new 'bug'?
  13. I hear ya! To me it's a game. I love flight and love learning how it works. I love the scenery this thing offers. If I wanted the real thing.. well I should go get it and fly!! My expectations for a $100 game clearly aren't the same as others who expect the same a commercial Airbus Simulator costing millions and is used for pilot training. I've already got my monies worth here. I love it.
  14. I'm using the FlyByWire mod. I've somehow gone and entered a point in the middle of my flight plan. So make me double back. How can I delete it? Or do I need to start again?
  15. I'd have got the deluxe version but the extra cost for the 787 wasn't worth it (that's all I wanted in it). But are there any plans for addon's 787,777, A350, A330 aircraft? Keen to do a few long haul but don't like the 744 or A380 I know there's intent to do them but anything out now or soon that we know of?
  16. NZAA

    Instrument Flying

    Hey, wow. This is awesome. A quick way of applying the logic. Question for anyone really. When I turn the OBS dial to show TO. How can do I turn it. It seems if I turn it to 'To' if I don't get it perfect it'll switch to 'From' and I keep adjusting it it'll end up at my VOR point. But is keeping track of that the best practice?
  17. NZAA

    Instrument Flying

    Can we please keep it on topic. I'm going through some of the resources provided which has been really helpful but now the thread is digressing into a sub topic of opinion.
  18. NZAA

    Instrument Flying

    On this link; https://www.wikihow.com/Navigate-Using-a-VOR Is it me or is step 2 image wrong?
  19. I'm trying to learn how to fly IFR without using GPS etc. Here's two YouTube tutorials I'm following. Two questions 1. If you goto https://skyvector.com/ and look around New Zealand. I can't find many "V" airways. What's the difference between Q, H, W, Y and V.. I've also found A, B and L... some are blue, others black? 2. Can someone attempt to explain what you're trying to achieve with the VOR radial display? I understand a VOR sends a signal which is decoded and tells the airport which direction the VOR is in relation to the aircraft and that the needs moves. a) Why do you rotate the VOR display? what are you moving it towards? is it the direction you want to travel towards or should be following? b) I know the needle moves to the center and when you turn the aircraft you can keep it in the middle? - how do you know which way to fly? c) the second display and using that to intercept ... that totally lost me. This might be super simple. I've never done this before but am keen to learn. I don't learn very well by this is how you do it watch and see. I need to ask question and understand why I'm doing something. If you know of any good reference material online or videos please let me know.
  20. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/1X_ionI2jaKuTAnXJ-bKzKscIBSmnnv4s How do I install just the Tiger A320 livery, will it work with the Fly By Wire A320N addon? Also how can we request the Air Asia model?
  21. You could well be right, especially with so many landmarks. Still this might be good value for money in the meantime as that could be a year away. Hopefully the inner circles would be talking and they wouldn't do this if it was on the immediate horizon. Either than or they believe their SYD level of detail is better than a country update?
  22. care to post some screen shots with some pc specs?
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