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  1. I've been experiencing lags { bigger ones) which really sucks.I have a pretty decent system I9 10900k oc to 5.2 ghz / 3080 gpu/ 16 gbs high speed ram/ game installed on M2ssd. I've done the things many youtubes say to get better performance/ help lags. I get good frame rate avg 55-75 with vsnync off in nvidia control panel, and 45 with it on(it is off in MSFS). i just get big lags that drop to 1-fps or 10 or below.the lag is from a second or two up to 3-4 seconds..then back up to my constant fps. this happens approx about once every minute or sometimes many times. Is this something i just have to live with? any suggestions?
  2. Well, that worked..turning and looking around I don't have those judders but MSFS2020 is not ready yet for prime time in VR, at least not with my hardware, and its not terrible either.Like someone else commented using a index, at times it shows 35 fps but does not look like it, I see though such a fluctuation in FPS, obviously worse when flying over heavily populated areas.I see from FPSVR my CPU is bottlenecked...but most times shows 50% or under been utilized? Probably because just using one core? Will have to stick to xplane11 for vr ,even though that still runs not that great. Only title I found that gave great visuals eg: lighting/textures was Aerofly FS2, fantastic feel of flight in VR and get a solid 90fps with reprojection at 0.09% !! Unfortunatley the ground detail does not compare to MSFS2020 and the physics feel more "arcade".
  3. Thats what I had ..lucky to have a 3080 now..but it sure is not helping me. Not sure what cpu you have ,but it better be a real good one cause a 3080 is not going to save you unfortunatley
  4. I'm on a I7 6800K OC to 4.5ghz and a 3080. I first tried settings from that one video and then even lowered everything to low ..I'm getting at times terrible fps, but even when its showing 30 fps I get a lot of shudder when i move my head.is the worst part, I'm pretty used to vr but even this makes me feel not great..I have motion smoothing on , I'm in a index..I feel it should still run a little better than this?? Perhaps it has to do with steamvr vs G2 and openxr??
  5. Solved ..It would help if i had my light boxes turned on .."facepalm" ..word not allowed , I'm getting old 😞 It works great ..really like how you can switch from VR to monitor on the fly in game..plus how you have separate settings for your vr..well thought of just wish other sims had that same feature! So far ..a little jittery..still playing with settings ..but at least this will be a sim that will grow into future hardware advancements
  6. using index, start steam vr, load up msfs2020, go to options, enable VR but no image in headset?? What am i doing wrong? I look around and make sure ui screen is not behind me..or i press space bar to center it..nothing..help 😞
  7. sorry if this has been asked before ..is there any app for MSFS2020 like airspaces for Xplane 11?
  8. Before the first update everything worked great, could hear the atc loud and clear. Then after first update it either could not hear anything..static crackle when speech occured ...or you could hear it ..barely. Tried changing to microsoft offline ..still same ..checked language was correct ...seen a few other posts with same issue. Now after this recent big update was hoping it would work, but same thing .Getting extremely frustrating!! What to do?? By the way...before that last big update I reinstalled also ..that did not work either. Sound is through a Logitech G533 headset. All other games work fine through it??
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