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  1. Thanks, actually stumbled on that initially. But my problem was when you start cold and dark, the PFD is set to VOR1, should be set to FMS for autopilot to follow the flight plan. Live and Learn !
  2. Not sure if this is the correct place for this post. My problem with autopilot on the TBM-930 is when I start from a parking place at any airport. After taking off and engaging the autopilot it will not start or join the flight plan course. It starts on a different course and continues on that straight line course, ignoring the flight plan. If I then start the flight from a runway at the same airport, autopilot behaves normally. The behavior is reproducible with any airport. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. All normal for the past month. First and only install, updates applied to Win and MSFS without issue through out the month. Use the app for 3 hours yesterday. Today, all proceeded normally after "press any key". This time when the Mount Fuji page came up, it would not advance. Music was playing normally. Restarted with the same behavior. Let the app stay on the Mount Fuji page for 30 minutes. Then tried repair and then reset, but no change. Would prefer not to uninstall/install on my slow internet connection. The initial 100Gb download took days. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ...
  4. When I select the Flight Training section, then any of the eight modules, I can complete that module as expected. But, on completion, clicking on the next module, the program quits abruptly. If I enter World and select departure/arrival airports the program performs as expected, no crashes. I have updated the program, Windows 10 and the display adapter, no change. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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