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  1. Hi all, I have two monitors, one a 42 inch which I run at 4K, and another 23 inch I run at 1080P. No matter what I do XP11 will not let me run these as I choose. My 42in is recognized as the default monitor but will never seem to go into a windowed mode, not at its native resolution anyway, and previously had to use a lower res just to get it to go into windowed mode, now windowed mode doesn't even show up as an option. My second monitor is sometimes recognized, sometimes not, sometimes I can move my pop-up screens, sometimes not, and then they go over to the second monitor then quickly spring back to the main monitor. I deleted (moved) my preference folder to the desktop and started from scratch, this helped for a bit but now it's back to where I started. I've also noticed when I change the resolution in X Plane it alters the desktop resolution on my main monitor. I've never previously had an application that has behaved this way.
  2. Hi all, new to the forum and to X Plane. I've been flying / simming with DCS for years now, mainly the A10A and C, have the Warthog HOTAS ,VR (Rift S), TrackIR for non VR, and a Honeycomb Alpha on the way now to use with X Plane. I've also recently been dabbling with Voice Attack in Star Wars Squadrons in VR and boy does this increase your kill rate and immersion 😄 I came to X Plane from the boost in publicity given by the launch of MS2020, and I have this as well, looks lovely but I believe has a way to go for IRF etc. Anyway, I digress!! I purchased the Carenado CT182T_G1000_v1.2, think it was about $30, so I expected it to be on the money, but no matter what I try I get a horrible, incessant whining noise in cockpit mode, really unbearable. Even turning the sound off altogether doesn't get rid of it. I'm thinking now it's a sound card conflict issue, or something like this. Carenado support got back to me, I sent them the log file, they made a recommendation to turn off my firewall and antivirus (I wasn't happy with that but tried it) and to re-install. No joy. Has anyone else had this situation? All my other planes are fine, and this also includes all my DL's not from Laminar in my Aircraft Folder. Thanks, apart from this I'm enjoying this sim immensely! John
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