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  1. Judging by the current situation, I suppose it is necessary to check the computer that is in the office and is installed on it LittleNavMap! If I use ONE computer in the OFFICE with X-Plane and LittleNavMap - everything works successfully! Windows-10 on all computers. I will send errors, that appear during the process of establishing communication between computers in the coming days. Thank you for your attention to me!
  2. Good afternoon! I'll clarify my situation: At home, both computers work in pairs - no problem. If I take the same computer with X-plane to the office and try to combine in the office, but with a different computer on which it is installed LittleNavMap - nothing happens ... In the previous version (2-45 in my opinion) everything worked. .! Now - I cannot achieve it. Now, I ask you to clarify what is meant "This needs firewall configuration changes at home and probably something like Dyndns." If possible, what to check and where? Thanks!
  3. Good afternoon! For several days I cannot solve the problem ... At home: X-Plane is on one computer, Littenavmap is on another and everything works without comments, wonderful. In the office, the same computer with X-Plane , but a different computer for Littlenavmap - I can't connect them together. I ask the community to suggest possible solutions to the problem. Nav Map-2.6.2.beta Litttle Navconnect 2.6.2 beta (ae31619)
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