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  1. South America shows as "South_America" in the X-ATC download section, do I need to replace spaces with an underscore? Never mind, I asked that question based on the filenames in the download section, not based on the actual content.
  2. Ah okay! Is US still "US" or would that be "United_States"? That's the only one that's not there.
  3. I see, a misunderstanding on my part! Thanks! What are the correct names for all the other regions according to that structure? I couldn't find the relevant part in the manual but would like to set it up for all the files in advance.
  4. I have purchased X-ATC chatter and set it up in according the controller structure (e.g.: E:\Program Files\Pilot2ATC\Sounds\ATC_Chatter\Controllers\App\CA-DAR-001.mp3) I do have different kind of chatter throughout my flights but I feel like the correct files aren't played. I was performing a Norway flight earlier and kept hearing US chatter instead of EU. When I performed US flights I sometimes kept hearing EU chatter. The settings within P2A are the path cleared, controller type ticked and Default region selected depending on where I fly.
  5. I have found the issue why I did not see any TCAS enabled traffic! I stumbled upon the following x-plane.org forum topic: link. I don't know if you're aware of it but I figured it can't hurt to tell you about it. It basically said: I tried this solution and suddenly the plane showed up! I checked whether the plane in P2A was the same one as showing in the LiveTraffic list and it was!
  6. I see. I'll just hopes it improves with the next update(s). Thanks for your explanation!
  7. I understand that but what I don't understand that if there's a 19 plane limit why 1 plane wouldn't be visible. And why if that plane does show up in XP11 correctly why it does not show up in P2A at all but other times the AI traffic does show up.
  8. Does that limit even apply if LiveTraffic only reports 1 aircraft?
  9. I use the LiveTraffic plugin to add some dynamic traffic to my simulator and it works okay. Unfortunately pilot2atc does not always show the traffic even though I can see it in the sim. The TCAS option is enabled for LiveTraffic and on the P2A map both the "show aircraft" options are enabled. Is this a known issue or have I misconfigured something?
  10. Oh, didn't bother changing a frequency because I had the option selected to do it automatically. But when I select the center frequency (I am already airborne and all). I see the expected options, I'll finish my current flight and then try to do another takeoff from the original airport to see if it goes right when I make sure the right frequency is selected.
  11. Thank you for your quick response!! I am currently still using the trial version but the fact you responded so quickly made me a lot more inclined to purchase P2A after my trial 😀 For the moment I am using the SayIt feature which has worked without any problems for me so far. I have just reset the flight, requested IFR clearance, did the engine start request, taxi request, then selected the following: After that I have no option to report my altitude or something, which option should I use? See the attached screenshot for available SayIts.
  12. I've got a flight plan set up from MYAM to KMCO with a SID and STAR where the departing airport doesn't have its own tower so when I request takeoff permission it tells me "Silver Airways One One Six There is no Tower frequency at this airport. Takeoff at pilot discretion." My problem is that after I takeoff it does not seem to recognize I have taken off. I don't get new altitude clearances nor any new directions. The "request" options in the SayIt menu also don't change to the ones where you can request new altitude etc. I can only get new altitude by saying "ready to copy". Even then it tells me "Silver Airways One One Six Readback Correct. Contact us for IFR Release when you are number one for departure. " Is my procedure wrong or is there something going wrong with that specific route?
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