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  1. Hi. I have a strange problem. Yesterday, Pilot2ATC worked fine. Today It won't start... I got an error saying: "Multiple Instances of Pilot2ATC Error Another instance of Pilot2ATC alredy running. Shut it down before attempting to open a new instance" I'm not able to find this other instance running in my task mangaer... Have restarted my computer several times with no luck... I also shut down my computer every night. My version of the app is v2.6.2.0_x64 - can anybody help? I also am sure that there is no way I start the program two times (in terms of double clicking), because I allways start the app as an Administrator, with a right click
  2. This is happening to me now. I got no instances running, and have restarted my computer several times.. Never had this issue before
  3. Hi Is there a way to make requests of altitude changes during a flight (up/down) in Pilot2atc without using the voice commands? English is not my native language, and some times when I Request altitude changes during a flight (using voice commands) the AI mishears what I say and It messes up my Flightplan sending me way to high or stypiditly low, and its really hard to try to get clearence for the altitude I originaly had. This annoys me a bit. Is there a solution to this?
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