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  1. Thank you that worked fine! I'll assume that all the UI settings are in the ini file if I need to change something else later. BTW, great product soooo configurable (even though I can't click a checkbox). Regards, Steve.
  2. Sorry about about not putting it in the correct topic!. I have an IVONA voice named Amy and I want her to be my Co-Pilot. Regards, Steve.
  3. What I don't get is I can click buttons/dropdowns etc but not checkboxes.
  4. Please can you tell me the correct ini entry/value so that I can use my own TTS voices. How ever much I try I cannot untick/tick any of the checkboxes in the UI. ... and yes, I've tried all the suggestions put on the forum so far. Regards, Steve (using MSFS2020).
  5. I am on MSFS2020. When I load a simbrief plan into the sim and then import downloaded file into MCE all is ok (I'm on the runway ready to take off). When I load a simbrief plan into the sim and change to use a parking gate, using the dropdown at the top, and then import original file into MCE I get a dialog with this in it 'wrong flight plan for origin airport'. .... and it does not get loaded. Steve.
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