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  1. I don't consider my self a pro programmer. I've started programming in my free time fairly recently. So this should give you the indication that it is not that hard to modify. With your skills, you should be more than capable of adapting the tool yourself. I'd suggest you look at the original Python SimConnect library on GitHub. You'll find a pretty good short documentation on how to use it. MSFS Mobile Companion Apps is built on that library. I've changed the UI to make it mobile device friendly, made some hacks here and there to make certain features work, but nothing out of the ordinary. If you need anything specific, please feel free to contact me via GitHub. Hope this helps.
  2. I don't have P3D and so I can't really test or develop it. However, the MSFS Mobile Companion App uses SimConnect to communicate with the sim. So I think that it could be made compatible with P3D with "relative ease". I don't know how different P3D's SimConnect is to MSFS so maybe, it'll even work without any changes. Try it out, I'd be interested to know.
  3. I'd like to present a new app I'm developing which will hopefully fit your needs - the MSFS Mobile Companion App. It is a tool that gives you a live OSM map and allows you to control essential aircraft instruments (NAV frequencies, autopilot) using almost any mobile device. It’s free, no ads, no in-app purchases, works on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac, you name it. Just make sure that you have a fairly recent browser and the device is connected to the same local network as your MSFS PC. Here is a little screenshot: You can download it on GitHub or flightsim.to. Important notice: You install and run the app your MSFS PC and not on your mobile device! The app creates a local web server to which you connect to from your mobile device via an IP address. For more information, check out the official GitHub page. I'm developing it in my free time so I haven't been able to iron "everything" out. It's just a start, I'll be adding additional features like COMs, ATC, lights, de-icing, etc. I'd love to hear your feedback on it.
  4. You can use the Mobile Companion App on your FS PC or any other device (Windows/Linux/Mac PC, Android, iOS) as long as the device has a fairly recent web browser and is connected to the same local network as your FS PC. You download and run the app on your FS PC and then connect to it via an IP address from any device in your network. Hope this helps.
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