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  1. Have Leonardo said anything about the performance? Or if the OP is allowed to answer that one... how is the performance? (FPS wise, maybe compared to the FBW A32NX)
  2. Hello, I launched Boeing Virtual yesterday and I'm just now starting to advertise and collect pilots for the VA. We are a Virtual Airline based at both KRNT and KPAE flying the only available MSFS Boeing aircraft, the 787-10, 747-8 (based at PAE), and the 737 MAX (based at RNT). You can visit our website at the following link: https://boevmsfs.weebly.com/ Our pilot handbook is located in the bottom right hand corner and will tell you everything that you need to know. I hope you will consider joining my organization!
  3. Hi, how do I activate the LNAV? I’ve got everything but that.
  4. The Great Tahitian Blue Fly-Out This is my first ever Flyout event, coming from the islands of Tahiti. I have travelled there twice now, and I love the atmosphere and culture. Please enjoy the event. About NTAA Papeete Faa’a International Airport is the main airport serving French Polynesia. It is situated 5 kilometers southwest of Pape’ete, the capital. Both Air Tahiti Nui and Air Tahiti are based here. The single-runway is 11,220 feet long and the airport itself can accommodate aircraft as large as the 747 or A380. The terminal has 4 stands for large aircraft and a few others for island hoppers. About the Event My goal is to have six attendees. Four of which will be operating 787-10 aircraft (can be found below) and the others will fly Beech King Air aircraft serving as Air Tahiti interisland flights. flights can be found below. AIRLINE - AIRCRAFT - DESTINATION - DEPARTURE GATE - FLIGHT TIME - PILOT Air Tahiti Nui - 787-10 - KLAX - Gate 1 - 7:15 - @AlecH Air France - 787-10 - KLAX - Gate 2 - 7:15 -N/A United Airlines - 787-10 - KSFO - Gate 3 - 8:00 - N/A Air Tahiti Nui - 787-10 - NZAA - Gate 4 - 4:00 - N/A Air Tahiti - B350i - NTTM - Stand 1 - 0:20 - N/A Air Tahiti - B350i - NTTB - Stand 2 - 1:00 - N/A Flight Requirements Pilot must be able to realistically fly their aircraft Pilot must be able to operate their aircraft from startup to shutdown Pilot must be able to program their aircraft with the provided FPL Pilot must be able to spawn at their designated place on time and depart on time Communication All pilots will be added to a group message where we will conduct the flight. NOTAMS and flight plans will also be given out here. I hope you find interest in my event and consider joining!
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