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  1. Awesome help everyone! Many thanks to all that took time to reply! Really appreciate the advice. I will go with RXP ...I had kinda thought that before but now I am sure. To BIlls511...I opened the configurator that came with the Comanche, and it has RXP 430/530 each listed, as well as Flight 1 and Mindstar options...so I think can just use it to install RXP...sure they will have some instructions included as well I assume! I see your configurator link has P3D in name...I have FSX...do I need it also/or instead of the one that came with the Comanche? Frank...I have been using a second monitor and with default FSX planes open and move the GPS to it by undocking. I keep my charts on 1/2 the screen, nav log and GPS or other items on other 1/2. That's been working pretty well. I kinda got used to 2D panels, but am trying to utilize the 3D more. Using FSUIPC I have been working out button assignments (Siatek yoke/Throttle/Pedals), but also bought and installed EzDoc...and now have a totally NEW learning curve trying to get all the views figured out!! I don't like reaching for keyboard for controls...but not enough buttons on my yoke to accomplish everything, so will need to get used to utilizing keyboard more. Having a hard time with Comanche and 2D panel though...guess it really was designed around the VC. If I purchase RXP, can I install that in other aircraft as well?? (one purchase/ multiple installs?) I appreciate the Garmin line...have been using 396/496 stuff for years. Very similiar features. So learning the GPS 400, and later the 430 etc shouldn't be to difficult! I don't really want to get into the 650/750 stuff though, as I fly an RV-4 now for my personal plane, and this winter will be converting from steam gauges to a Dynon Skyview system. Similar features/capabilities to the 750...but don't want to confuse myself learning two different operating systems! Bert...got your message via an email notification...will reply as soon as I figure out how! LOL Assume there is a personal message area?? Again, thanks all and I'm sure I'll be back with more questions in the future! Charles
  2. I am getting ready to start some instrument training in a Comanche250, equipped with a Garmin 430. I have A2A Comanche FSX and would like to purchase/install an add on 430. I have perused the forums but am not clear on some things and was hoping someone could steer me in right direction. I see RXP has a combo 430/530...but if I purchase that can I just install the 430? And I think Flight1 product will not work with FSX...is that correct? If I am wrong and can use either company, what is the consensus on best for FSX? RXP or Flight1? I need a fairly simple installation as I can barely get around my computer!!! Thanks in advance... Charles
  3. Recently purchased and installed Ezdok V2, and got it all working up to the point of editing...when I hit numpad 2 key, I get the beeping, but my screen and mouse pointer disappears. Screen goes to my desktop, and everything is frozen. If I then hit num 2again, I get the shutter closing sound, the beeping stops and I am returned to fsx screen with Ezdok panel again. Everything else seems to work from panel except edit. Any ideas??? Thanks, Charles
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