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  1. I was not loading a plan within AS. That was it! Thank you, now I see the clouds and they do not dissolve. Thank again! Yes, running the lates build 7628.
  2. I have to say that LM did an amazing job improving the simulator even further. Fortunately I'm not experiencing issues I keep hearing about on the forum, except for one in particular issue and I feel like it's more the operator than the software. Using the latest build of Active Sky, I'm not able to get clouds to display. Temperature, visibility and pressure is correct but the sky is always clear. When I open the P3D weather menu and select the Active Sky theme I see clouds for a few seconds until they start to dissolve and the sky going back to clear. I tried activating and deactivating the EA setting within Active Sky without success. I've also set the amount of cloud layers down to 1 within Active Sky. The Active Sky theme is showing one layer with bottom and top for the clouds and coverage, in this case it was 7/8 at 3,000'. So the information is being pulled correctly and send to the simulator, just not displaying it. Am I missing a setting or procedure I'm supposed to do?
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