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  1. I will bear that in mind, i will only have 3 FIPs so hopefully it will be ok.
  2. ureka I have 2 gauges working. It was my mistake thinking the plugin was a driver. So Thank you again, is there a simply way to pay some pennies to make this a licensed version as currently it is the demo version. Or do I have to reinstall with the paid version.
  3. Ok i tried the Logitech latest drivers and didn't get very far, after driver install the PC announcement box stated that it was setting up Saitek FIP device then it was ready for use. On the Gauge all i saw was the up/down arrows flashing red for a bit but no default screen on plugging into a USB port. On running FS2020 no progress i.e. on loading up an aircraft nothing changed even though the Logitech APP is running. So i installed the Lorby AxisandOhs software and tried that. On loading up the Sim then running AxisandOhs it connects ok and recognises the aircraft i selected. On the hardware tab i see the "Saitek panels enabled" greyed out and "ignore sim elec power" selectable and also "Saitek panel config" selectable along with the rest of the options. When going into Saitek device configurations within "connected devices" nothing is listed. I left the original Logitech drivers installed, the panels themselves did not change state i.e. no default screen appeared. Do i need to take account of the below recommendation ? i have tried 2 new gauges so pretty confident they are ok also tried numerous USB ports SS type etc. Any advice welcome. To avoid conflicts with the controller settings in the simulator, the app has features to disable controllers in the sim. You can also disable all controllers in the Controls settings of the sim, but that will also disable mouse look and other mechanisms
  4. Hi All, I have tried to get Saitek Gauges working for MSFS2020 today, i installed the latest Saitek driver version and updated MS Visual C++ 2015 Redistribute for both X86 and 64bit. The Saitek driver install complained on installation about missing Visual C++ until i updated them after which on doubling the shortcut it created something seemed to happen but there was no setup process as per the Saitek instructions. So i ploughed on and plugged the first gauge in, still no setup but i did see briefly the up arrow on the bottom of the gauge flash red so i started MSFS2020. Again no setup process or MSFS dialogue saying trying to load gauge etc. What i did see in the windows desktop notification box was a message saying setting up new Saitek device ....completed, I am not sure if this prior to starting MSFS or when plugging in the gauge. Does anyone know if there is somewhere in MSFS i need to go to assign the gauge ? or maybe i need to re-install the Logitech driver again as i updated C++. Any advice appreciated as a bit lost now.
  5. Thank you. I found on the logitech site the latest drivers for saitek gauges which mentions msfs support.
  6. Hello This is my first post so apologies if this is an obvious question or repeat thread. I am not a PC person but can usually struggle my through things. So quick background for my first question. Just installed and loving Microsoft fs2020. I just purchased 3 logitech saitek gauges. I know msfs 2020 does not natively support these but it looks like AxisandOhs does. My question is can you use AxisandOhs just for the gauges or does it have to take control of everything. I am quite pleased with the default Hotas and mouse settings. I will undoubtedly use AxisandOhs eventually but the main requirement initially are the gauges. I know to use the demo version first. Thanks Andy
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