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  1. Thank you, much clearer now much appreciation for your response.
  2. Thank you so much for that infomation.
  3. As title what does it mean and when should it be used.? I have googled it but still confused. I can land perfectly ok using ILS, I struggle a bit on visual.
  4. There is a little green dot (A320 NEO) on the speed bar does it mean recommended speed or some thing else ? TIA
  5. Thanks for that information 👍
  6. Is there a cockpit screen available on the NEO to view weather ? How do pilots know where the weather patterns are ? TIA
  7. Your right, many thanks, all working correctly now. Love this forum.✈️
  8. Fantastic, thanks now working as before.👍
  9. Some how I have changed a setting and I need to get back to my original setting. When I hover the mouse over a cock pit control / instrument it lights blue / yellow. How can I stop this ? where do I look in "controls" to configure it back to normal, thanks fellas.
  10. Thanks Haddocks 32 I will do that. Thanks for your response.
  11. At first I was pleasantly surprised to hear an English accent ( ATC and pilot ) when flying in the UK even though the British accent was rather strange. The problem I am having is that the accent can change at any time during the flight from American to British or visa versa. I recently was flying over Spain and to my surprise the English accent was heard but then reverted to American. Any idea how I can configure this to be correct ? Thanks
  12. Thanks it's now downloading, thanks you very much for your help 👍
  13. Many thanks for your great information, now downloading 😀
  14. Just to say thanks everyone, update downloading right now. Where would I have been without this forum ? I would have never known how to do it. Many thanks from a 74 year old flyer. Love my flight Sim.
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