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  1. Thanks all for your responses, I can see I have done the right thing by joining this forum, I am sure I will be back with more questions.
  2. Sorry but I do not understand, If notepad can I see other keys ? At this moment in time I am not getting anywhere with this FS I did updates today and now I cannot even get the cockpit right and left view which I had before. I find the FS very user unfriendly, absolutely nothing like FSX.😬 The controls on the air bus have no resemblance to the A321 I flew in FSX. Going to need all the help I can get I think.😒
  3. I tried that but maybe i am doing something wrong.I will try again,thanks
  4. I am using a separate key board as I am using a monitor and I do not want the lap top in front of me. The problem is that when prompted by fs 2020 to use some keys, on the separate keyboard nothing happens. Do I need to buy a dedicated key board for my HP Omen17 lap top ?
  5. Thanks all, bit of list to follow ✈️
  6. Hi all new boy age 73 here from UK. I have recently purchased FS 2020 after operating FSX for many years. I must say what a jump up 2020 is from FSX and I am experiencing quite a few difficulties so hope by joining I can get some help, so sorry in advance if some questions may sound stupid
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