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  1. Thanks for that information 👍
  2. Is there a cockpit screen available on the NEO to view weather ? How do pilots know where the weather patterns are ? TIA
  3. Your right, many thanks, all working correctly now. Love this forum.✈️
  4. Fantastic, thanks now working as before.👍
  5. Some how I have changed a setting and I need to get back to my original setting. When I hover the mouse over a cock pit control / instrument it lights blue / yellow. How can I stop this ? where do I look in "controls" to configure it back to normal, thanks fellas.
  6. Thanks Haddocks 32 I will do that. Thanks for your response.
  7. At first I was pleasantly surprised to hear an English accent ( ATC and pilot ) when flying in the UK even though the British accent was rather strange. The problem I am having is that the accent can change at any time during the flight from American to British or visa versa. I recently was flying over Spain and to my surprise the English accent was heard but then reverted to American. Any idea how I can configure this to be correct ? Thanks
  8. Thanks it's now downloading, thanks you very much for your help 👍
  9. Many thanks for your great information, now downloading 😀
  10. Just to say thanks everyone, update downloading right now. Where would I have been without this forum ? I would have never known how to do it. Many thanks from a 74 year old flyer. Love my flight Sim.
  11. But I do not want x box app I want it to update on my PC
  12. Unable to launch, update needed, click ok nothing happens just a sales page appears, no instructions on what to do, what a mess up !! Just HOW do you get to make the " word not allowedupdate " to work ?
  13. Ok I found it, many thanks 👍 now back flying happy days ✈️
  14. ega can you tell me where I can find that ? thanks
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