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  1. Thanks for the investigation. I appreciate the chance to learn more! Best Regards,
  2. Hello again, I have enabled RF Procedure Legs, then rebooted. No luck. The indicated thread you posted above has good information! In my testing tonight, I've found several examples where the RNP's are listed in the charts, but are NOT available for selection in the GTN. BTW, I tested the Garmin simulator also, same result. Another example is the KSAN (San Diego) RNAV RNP Z RW 27 https://skyvector.com/files/tpp/2012/pdf/00373RRZ27.PDF. Based on what I read in the "GTN 725-750 Pilot's Guide" (Sec 6.9, p190) and other sources, I think that all "Approval Required" (AR) procedures are excluded from the pick list automatically. 6.9 Radius-to-Fix (RF) Approaches RF legs associated with RNAV RNP 1.0 non-AR (Approval Required) approaches are supported by the GTN in version 6.00, or later, when approved by the installation. I suspect that any RNAV RNP 1.0 non-AR which doesn't have an RF leg would be included (I don't have an example of that). Ex - the aforementioned KSAN RNAV RNP Z RW 27 has a radius-to-fix from AJADE to SAYAE, therefore the GPS excludes it. Some of the "lower-fidelity" GPS simulations likely don't check this. I was thinking of buying the GNS 530 while on sale - could you see if it exhibits the same behavior? Best Regards,
  3. Greetings, First, thank you for the prompt reply! That means a lot! Could you clarify where I make that selection? In the Garmin Trainer or in the sim? In the actual simulation, the GTN "System" screen indicates that I'm using the "Region AmrN-ADB2, Cycle 1909, Effective 15-Aug-19, Expires 12-Sep-19, Basemap Datbase Version 19M1, Created 15-Feb-19 ... etc ..." Thanks very much,
  4. Greetings - I am a new user, just purchased the GTN 750 for X-Plane this weekend. On my first flight into KPSP (Palm Springs, CA), I ran into an issue mid-flight. KPSP has two (2) published RNAV approaches (RNAV Y 31L/ RNAV Z 13R). KPSP Both of these charts are included in the 'Charts' section. However, neither approach is listed as an option for selection in the 'Procedures' menu (yes, I did try scrolling up/down). Weather allowed me to fly the VOR B (it was listed). If not, I would have been forced to divert to the alternate. This seems strange - both of these have been around for a while, and are included in the X-plane 'default' GTN 430, as well as the Aerobask GTN 750 'replica'. So, I don't thinks it's a database version issue. Is it common to find airports which have charts, but not listed as procedures? Is this something I can fix on my end? Thank you for your assistance,
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