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  1. Everything is there, no missing effects, Im thinkin about rolling back to SP2/Acc, as I cant make SE to work ok with some addons, Cant install QW757 cuz it requires SP2 or Acceleration, idk what to say.
  2. @w6kd It is the default AirCreation Trike, should I change it? I remeber having a default 747 when I was simming with the old SP2 , maybe I need to do this again. Update: Its the same, no improvements
  3. Just changed to a new computer some months ago, so I decided to go with the FSX Steam Edition, as it performs better. A few days I just got it back, after a looong break. Just got some of my payware planes installed as: Aerosoft A318,19,20,21 and the CRJs, Majestic DASH 8 q400, PMDG 777, 747, 737NGX, MD11, Embraer E Jets (170,5 190,5, and the erjs), BlackBox A330 and A340, Captain Sim 767, QW787. And also got the Real Environment Extreme from REX. I just noticed that some lights are not working (they re turned on =)), its happening in PMDG 747 (no nav lights and the wings strobes), the Captain Sim 767 (no nav, strobes and beacon), BlackBox A330,40 (no beacon and nav). The other ones are working perfectly, just ended a flight with the 787, and it was amazing ❤️ I tried reinstalling, verifying the game files with Steam (thinking there is a problem with the sim files), its still there, Idk where to look at (as the effects and textures and every file is in its place). My settings are: GRAPHICS -> Global Texture Resolution - Very High > Lens Flare - On > Advanced Animations - On AIRCRAFT -> Preset Ultra High (High Textures VC, all Shadows on) SCENERY -> Level of detail - Small > Mesh Complexity - 34 > Mesh Resolution - 19m > Texture Resolution - 15cm > Water Effects - High 2x > Land detail - On > Scenery Complexity - Dense > Autogen - Sparse > Special Effects - High WHEATHER -> Ultra High preset AI TRAFFIC -> all off Im missing a key factor and I cant seem to find it =( Thanks for reading ❤️
  4. I was looking a while to find a a350 a/c model for fsx (payware/freeware), I didn't find any of payware regarding FSX (excluding that Xplane 11 addon). Every freeware that „looks like” a350 is either broken, or the virtual cockpit isn't a true a350 one, even the 2d cockpit (only using default a321 panels). Can you recommend me one that is like a real a350? Thank you very much ❤️
  5. Hello, I plan on buying a laptop for FSX and P3D v4 (I'm not sure, I already have a plenty of paywares for FSX so that's why I want to continue with that old sim). The specs are: - CPU: ryzen 5 4600H up to 4.00 GHz - GPU: nvidia RTX 2060 6GB - RAM: 16 GB DDR4 3200MHz - SSD: 512 GB PCI Express -Display: Full HD IPS 144Hz Antiglare Now I own a notebook and running FSX pretty good honestly (i5 7200U up to 3.1GHz, Intel HD 620, 500GB HDD, 8GB RAM DDR4 2133MHz). The reason I want to change is the low performance using payware scenery, that photorealistic very nice looking graphics. I currently use only ORBX products (not looking very good but as it runs ok on my low end laptop is fine), and I'm getting nice fps, above 20, in a PMDG 777 cockpit. I have a lot of planes: Aerosoft A318,319,320,321, Blackbox A330,340,Carenado beech 350i, 1900D, b200, embraer phenom 100, saab 340, CLS DC 10 (all variants), Captain sim 737 200, 727, 767, Flight 1 DC9, Feelthere erj135,145, embraer 170,175,190,195, Just flight DC8 (all variants), Majestic DASH 8 Q400, PMDG 737 600,700,800,900, JS3100, MD11, 777, 747, Quality WIngs avro rj 70, 85,100, BAE 146 100,200,300, RAZBAM metroliner III. With all of those planes I'm getting above 20, sometimes 15, with 100% traffic density on the native resolution of 1366x768, all sliders almost max (exept autogen and scenery complexity). I had a very good experience so I decided to get IMAGINESIM Atlanta scenery, then I saw the limit: 3-10 FPS even with all low settings, CPU being killed (running 100% with all cores). I decided to get a new laptop, but I dunno how it will perform in FSX (as this sim is a bit special). Also planning using this laptop for gaming (like cyberpunk) and I think is capable of handling it on ultra at 40fps, and P3D v4 at medium I think. Only FSX is my concern and I can't stop thinking about it (will the new laptop run it better than the old one?). I actually heard some people complaining that FSX is running poorly even on the best PCs, so that's why I'm nervous. Also those money on the paywares. Thank u for reading all this, I'm waiting for adivces.
  6. I actually don't care if the landing light that is used for taxi is not moving, I stay in the cockpit making the preparations and taxiing the plane. But it's a bit weird takin-off knowing that the taxi lght on XD
  7. The default ones move, after I added the shockwave, that big 3d light doesn't move, only the integrated ones in the landing gear (those ones that need to be turned off before take-off), now I don't turn them off at the end of the runway cuz I use them for take-off as well. I turn them off after I retract the gear to get rid of the floating light. If u understand what I mean
  8. I'm using feelthere e jets (e190,170,195,175, erj135,145), Captain sim 767, 737-200, some freewares, PMDG MD11, carenado b1900d, king air 350i, b200, dornier do28 100, phenom 100, saab 340, perfect flight 717. cls dc10 10, 10F, 30,30F,40,40F, dc8 all variants.virtualcol atr 42,72. With the default lights, all aircraft light go out when retracting gear, I changed the entries at [LIGHTS] and modified the landing lights to 6, now, when I retract the gear, I turn off taxi light, I think it's an unrealistic procedure but I think it's k until I find a solution. The working models (they don't have a landing gear light) are the PMDG 737 NGX, 737 600,700,800,900 and the CS 727, so the problem doesn't exist.
  9. Hi everyone, Recently I got A2A redux lights (they look amazing af), buuuut, as usual, a problem occured and persist. I configured my planes manually, I added a landing light on the landing gear, but after take-off, when I'm retracting the gear, the light seems to be still there under the plane floating in it's way with the A/C during all flight time. Then, I changed the number from 5 to 7 (recog. lght), I mean this: Light.0=5, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, fx_Shockwave_landing_light_small_xenon, became this: Light.0=7, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, fx_Shockwave_landing_light_small_xenon. This time when I turn on the landing lights from the cockpit, only the other lights have the 3D effect (those from the wings for example). while the landing gear light is the default one and gives the plane an unrealistic look, like the plane is asymetric, gear light is not functionung properly and it gets a powerless look, barely lighting. Also added the 2 entries to every panel.cfg: gauge53=shockwave_lights!SW lights,1,1,1,1 gauge54=shockwave_lights!SW Lights_Growley_Recognition,1,1,1,1 After a bit of search I added into SW Lights.xml an entry, like this: <Gauge Name="SW Lights" Version="1.0"> <Update Frequency="1"/> <Element> <Select> <Value> (A:GEAR CENTER POSITION, Percent) near 100 == if{ (A:LIGHT TAXI,bool) 1 == if{ (A:LIGHT RECOGNITION,bool) 0 == if{ (>K:TOGGLE_RECOGNITION_LIGHTS) } } els{ (A:LIGHT RECOGNITION,bool) 1 == if{ (>K:TOGGLE_RECOGNITION_LIGHTS) } } } els{ (A:LIGHT RECOGNITION,bool) 1 == if{ (>K:TOGGLE_RECOGNITION_LIGHTS) } } </Value> </Select> </Element> </Gauge> The author said the floating light dissapears, looks like not to me. Maybe adding the lights as a taxi one (changing the 7 from the cfg with 6) will give a better option. I mean, after take-off, I turn off the taxi lights and the floating light is really gone? Thank u all for reading this ❤️ (I know I'm a very problematic man, nothing works in it's way when gets into my hands so yeah, everytime a problem appears, sometimes I solve them myself, sometimes not, like this one)
  10. Hello everyone, I just installed the 747 and when I tried to fly first flight I realized the engine sound it's the same for the rest of the flight. Like, I am increasing power, for take-off for example, the engine sound it's the same, no hearing of „increasing power”, just the idle sound of the engine, Same sort of problem it's happening in outside view, no increasing or decreasing power sound, I can hear the bleed sound, warnings sound etc. I hadn''t pay attention at the start up and shut down procedure, I mean if the specific sound of the specific procedure is correct. I dunno what's happening, same sound problem occured while using the freighter version of the 747. Thank u all ❤️
  11. Hello, I don't have a problem now, I'm looking for a livery for aerosoft a321. I got a lot of passengers ones, I just need some freighter liveries. I haven't find something until now. Can you suggest me one pls?
  12. Never had above 73­ºC, even with the most intensive games, the cooler it's doing a good job maintaining a very nice temperature. In 4 years of use I never exceeded 75­ºC which is amazing in my perspective of view. Also fsx is running good rn, until I get a new PC I'm kinda satisified, but it's sad seeing all the paid scenery sitting on an USB storage and not being used...
  13. The problem isn't solved at all. If I get FSX SE or p3d v2 my addons for FSX SP2 will work? Or what computer I really need for this old word not allowed fsx? An i3 9100F and gtx 1650 will be enough?
  14. Hello, it's me again. Recently I have issues with FSX fps, I'm getting like 9 fps in ImagineSim KATL, the GPU (intel hd 620) is actually sleeping (20% usage) also cpu (i5-7200U 3.1GHz, 40-60 usage). In the most payware addon scenery I'm gettin like 15 fps or more and it's pretty flyable, (I should get above 20 cuz I exceed minimum sys req), I use dx10 fixer which increased performance a bit (few fps). I use FlyTampa, T2G, All ORBX sceneries (OpenLC, Vector and Global) I don't like the low usage, cpu0 is intense used, cpu 1 2 3 are idle. All other games are actually eating my iGPU (ex. Assassin's Creed III, 99% gpu use, 40-100% cpu use, getting like 30-60 fps on med to high settings, such nice for a low performance intel iGPU). In mid flying, or when using default I'm getting above 20 fps and it's smooth. Just with payware A/C. AF is set to 14, HIGHMEM is set to 1 and texture band mult is 30. The fps is the same while using payware A/C, PMDG 737, 747, js41, QW 757 787 avros and BAe, Carenado s340, B200, etc etc. I'm running windowed mode with resolution set to something like 1024xXXXx32 (I think is 720 in the middle, I'm not remembering). I turned hyperthreading off, no performance gain/lost, (actually lost performance in all other games) so I activated it again. HDD is degragged very often. All traffic is off, even with it on (100%) the fps are the same, just 1or 2 loss maximum. I just wasted my money on payware sceneries that don't run smooth on my laptop. No possible PC upgrade because I am very low on budget rn. I just added 4gb RAM. Full specs: CPU: i5-7200U 3.1 GHz turboboost, 2C 4T with hyperthreading, GPU: Intel HD 620 (1gb), RAM: 8gb DDR4 2133MHz in DualChannel, 500gb HDD from Seagate, 1366x768 screen, Windows 10 Home v2004 all up to date including drivers, FSX SP2 in use. Fun fact: I am getting better performance than my friend which has an ryzen 5 (dont know exact model), GTX 1650, 8gb ram, 2 SSD. He has 5 fps in KATL from ImagineSim and constant crashes (he doesnt like aviation, I requested his permission for a test, just a failure, so for him is not a problem). Hope I can find a solution, honorable mentions: FlightBeam KSFO it's actually damnnn goood, above 20fps, as expected, a pleasure to fly into. Also Aerosoft EDDF, LPPT, and Dublin, Corfu and Juliana airport (I think is FlyTampa but nvm XD), sometimes above 20 fps 😍 I am realistic and I didn't expect 40-60 fps on such low end laptop, but expected above 20 on relative nice settings. I tried lowering settings to low, autogen off, scenery complexity off, all sliders left side, same low performance. It's strange, usually lowering settings and turning off shadows increases fps (in most games), but yeah, FSX is weirdo XD. Now I am using a combo to get a nice graphical settings and performance, autogen dense, scenery comp dense, all sliders almost full getting nice performance on default scenery and some paywares. Thx for reading all this, maybe I'll solve it somehow, or I will just uninstall paywares that are underperforming if I cant find a solution. I think I misspelled something in this post, but that's another story, I'm not english native (I'm actually from Romania, hello to all romanian guys here, if this site has romanian people).
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