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  1. When can we expect the support of the GTN Trainer 6.70? Version 6.62 works not stable on my system (it crushes after few hours of long flights), but I hope that will be fixed in 6.70. 21/01/07 18:56:32.894 52108 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 21/01/07 18:56:32.893 52108 INFO ] 21/01/07 18:56:56.353 52108 ERROR] trainer not found or not supported 21/01/07 18:56:56.400 52108 ERROR] trainer not found or not supported Thank you!
  2. Wow! i'm sorry! But after third re-installation attempt it worked now! It's very strange, but the topic can be closed.
  3. Hello! It so happened that I had to reinstall Windows 10 :( I try to reinstall rXP GTN with "rxpGTN-750-XPL.exe" application. I click to "Reinstall application" button, then select my key file, then last 4 digits of my card. Then i see a message - "RealityXP....blablabla... has a valid registration to D....... blablabl...." Afrer i continue installation, selecting folder, accept agreement, select only "X-Plane 11" plugin, then D:\X-Plane11, then I uncheck (if it checked - i see a 404 error, but it is not important - i have a installed Garmin Trainer) a "Download and install thr Garmin...", then next-next and installation Complete! But, after that manipulations, i don't see a RXP in Plugins menu of X-plane :( Please, help me solve it
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