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  1. I would like ATC to issue further climb clearances before you are 200ft below the previously assigned altitude. I would also like to be informed of the expected STAR and APP before you are a few miles from the transition. Finally, I would like the ILS approach to be the default one in airports where there is an ILS in service. VOR approaches in real life are used as back ups or requested by pilots who want to practice them or are in training, at least where I work.
  2. Hello, I am trying to configure the TM quadrant to use it with WT CJ4 and I am finding some issues, the most prominent of them being the difficulty of making the hardware detents to be equivalent to the ones in the sim. I don't even know if this is possible. If any of you has been successful with this combo, would you care to share advice/configurations? I have found much information about the quadrant and the A320 (as was to be expected), but not much on the use of this hardware with WT CJ4, a plane I have come to love. Thank you very much.
  3. This is exactly the same that happened to me yesterday. I clicked yes (an error, I know) and entered the loop. Had to end task in task administrator to be able to get out.
  4. Thank you very much. I amgoing to try disabling VSYNC and see what happens. Thank you again.
  5. Thank you very much. The differences with my former pc (in reality an iMac) are not as big as I expected. But I knew that would probably be the case. The iMac has a 5k retina display and I had to run the sim at 2k since it didn,t provide a good experience (to say it mildly) at 5k. Now I am playing at 4k which, of course, makes a difference in itself. The new PC is going to be used almost exclusively for MSFS. I,ll have to go through trial and error. One surprising (to me) thing that my son has said is that antialiasing is much less necessary at 4K and that I should save on that when deciding the graphical settings. Regards.
  6. Good morning. After a 3 month wait, i have received the new PC I intend to use for msfs. I have been tweaking the settings for a few hours and i have found many suggestions on the web about configurations. Some of the advice is conflicting. If any of you has a similar configuration and would like to share it I would be very grateful. My new pc has these components: CPU:Ryzen 9 5700x GPU: ASUS ROG STRIX 3090. 64 gb ram. I would like to play the game in 4k. Of course I would like great performance and great graphics. I understand that even with a more or less high end gear I am going to have to make some compromises. My oldest son (who is in his sophomore year in computer science at college) says that these components should run the game very well, once the game is optimised (which it is not, essentially what everyone says on the forums). I do not expect a miracle, but would like to find the settings at which i can maximize the experience. As I like to fly IFR maybe this is a little overboard, I spend most of my flying time looking inside the cabin, but this is my only vice and I have decided to indulge 🙂 Thank you very much.
  7. Thank you very much! I ordered the PC (January 7th) knowing the graphic card and the processor were not in stock. A couple of days ago I called and they told me that they had everything but the processor. They offered to build the PC with the immediately inferior processor (which was in stock) and I agreed. It has been built by now and it is under testing. I hope it will get home soon. It seems there is a high shortage of graphic cards and processors.
  8. Good afternoon. Sorry for for a very boring post. The new computer I bought for MSFS2020 seems to be arriving soon (after 3 months). I have an Steam version of the sim, so I guess the only thing I have to do is installing it anew. I remember I had to set up an Xbox account, but I don´t remember passwords or anything like that. Will I need them again or are they related to my Steam account? After so much waiting I hope I can start simming without many issues and that the new gear will improve the experience. Thank you very much for stopping by, I acknowledge this is not an interesting topic.
  9. I don't know the answer. I believe Z is the most standard one. In the letters of agreement between approach and towers, in my country, it is assumed that the ILS Z approach will be instructed. In case another approach (VOR, DME, RNAV, GBAS or a different ILS) is instructed, approach must coordinate it with TWR. Many times the difference lies with the missed approach procedure.
  10. I have always flown Diamond twin engines lately in X-Plane. I started that way in MSFS but this mod has converted me to a Citation guy. Thank you very much!
  11. Of course, most of the time pilots get to fly the expected STAR, and, of course, only a few of the many STARS and SIDS published are the ones used by most of the traffic. Most airports were built with the prevailing winds taken into consideration and most of the configurations are predictable (noise abatement procedures may influence this). If any aircraft have fuel issues (and many times without it, just to expedite the sequence) it will be provided vectors/shortcuts. And, at least in my country, an ILS Z approach clearance will be issued if available unless the ILS is out of service for whatever reason or unless the crew requests another one. I find annoying the many times I am issued a VOR app clearance in the sim when an ILS procedure is available. In practice, most of the STARS are not flown in their entirety, since, once separation is achieved, the next traffic in the sequence will be cleared to the IAF regardless of its position in the STAR.
  12. How do they manage runway in use changes and traffic congestions? It is a very different way to do things, I am sure they have to have a way to deal with this.
  13. IRL the star is assigned by ATC, usually when you enter the FIR where your destination airport is. This makes sense as runway in use can change after a traffic has departed its departure airport. In the sim, stars are assigned very late. IRL pilots need to brief on the assigned STAR and runway in use. If you are flying without ATC, you can enter the STAR and approach procedure in the FMS from the beginning. The worst scenario you can encounter is a strong tailwind in the chosen runway and you can always change that.
  14. Try to check if the FD is on. AP and FD should be on to use the autopilot.
  15. When I introduce my FPL manually, ATC acts as if I have filed a VFR flight plan. It doesn't give me the option to fly IFR, even if using SIDS, STARS, airways and instrumental approaches and using IFR only flight levels. I only have flight following available by ATC. Maybe an error on my part.
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