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  1. update, I just found out this FXAA thing has to do something with Nvidia Cards, and it said I should enable Anti Aliasing in Nvidia Control Panel. I enabled AA and disabled it in FSX, which activated the FXAA Tool. These are the directions: (I do not have a Radeon card so I don't know if this will work with Radeons) go to Nvidia Control Panel (for me it automatically installs if I reinstall Windows 10, I don't know about you) find FSX, and enable Anti Aliasing. Move FXAA Tool stuff and its exe to the main directory folder of FSX. you can mess around with your settings there, after you are done customizing, Start FSX and disable Anti Aliasing in settings. this automatically enabled the Tool to work, and don't worry your game will still look sharp depending on the settings you choose in the FXAA Tool (there's an anti aliasing page where you can mess around with other stuff like sepia) and it will work. if anyone has a good FPS saving setting I'd welcome to try it since I found one online which was terrible in FPS. Thanks
  2. still no answer, I just needed a detailed explanation how to use it. Thanks
  3. how do I check? normally my laptop has a realtek speaker but I use headphones. thanks
  4. if you read my post carefully it says my cpu is too weak to handle other flight simulators since I tried others.
  5. which one? my computer is 64-bit, actually I found one it didn't crash for much longer but eventually it did. it happens when I use the menu https://www.rikoooo.com/faq go to "FSX is crashing when using free flight or MP, is there a fix?" there's one I downloaded, it lasted much longer like half an hour more but it still crashed. now I will try flying in windowed mode 🙁
  6. uhhh, I'm not 100% sure but during 2021 august and beyond?
  7. well, my OS got crazy so I reinstalled it on september, but before that, the issue still occured, also, I tried removing Uiautomationcore.dll, but do I have to replace it with another one? if so, can you give me the link? thanks
  8. Hello, I have FSX Steam and a lot of add-ons, consisting both freeware and payware. my problem is in every flight, after some minutes, FSX either crashes to desktop without any errors at all (mouse cursor circulates) or just freezes without sound. I am aware uiautomationcore.dll problem, but that didn't solve my issue. my specs are Alienware 13 (first gen) GTX 960M 2GB, i7-5500u 2 core 2.4GHz, 16 GB RAM, windows 10 home stored in a 512GB SSD. my add-ons consists of PMDG, Aerosoft airbus family, ORBX Global, OFX Simulation north america and South america (both are free now :P) QualityWings 757, CLS DC-10 and CLS 747, captainsim 727 and 737, and bunch of plane add-ons I don't remember. I have also flytampa sceneries, some freeware good quality sceneries, REX 4, ENB series. I also use the main menu tab (change stuff in-flight there's a bar at top) in fullscreen mode. if I have to do fly in windowed mode, I can be flexible. to people that say upgrade from FSX, my CPU is too weak to handle any other flightsim, and I know FSX, except FSX keeps being a problem child ☹️ if you have any ideas don't hesitate, since this is so annoying when I do long haul flights when it takes me 30 minutes to get the plane up in the air. Thanks
  9. hello, I want to use FSX with Direct X10 since it gives me more performance boost, and I use the FREE steve's DX10 fixer (look for it on avsim library) my lights don't work (beacon, NAV etc.) and weirdly, I can't move the camera with the mouse, it isn't centered correctly, also the water looks different, is that normal? I can't buy steve's payware DX10 fixer please don't ask why. thanks
  10. hello, I have a problem with CTD on FSX Steam. my problem is UiAutomationCore.Dll, which crashes FSX with no error at all, it just freezes and crashes. it does solve the problem if I remove the DLL but for a limited time til it spawn back again. is there a way to stop UiAutomationCore.DLL? thanks
  11. is there a way where I don't have to wait eternities for the torrent? is there a google drive link or mega link? thanks
  12. hello, I am looking to get FreeMeshX 2.0 for FSX Steam but 45 gb is huge for time. I barely have any time to play FSX and I cannot leave the computer on during the night (please don't ask why) is there a maybe a google drive file that downloads the thing at unlimited speed? for people that say ORBX is better, ORBX is waaay too much expensive even for a single continent and this one covers the entire world for free. thanks
  13. I read it, I didn't understand it since this is only made for FSX, and if I look for find game and select FSX path, it still won't find it. edit: I just checked, there's no specific instructions, it just says run the thing and find the game path. I did this already and it gives me a error! thanks
  14. how do I use it? how do I enable it? I took a look at the program and I know how to adjust graphical things (like sepia and stuff) my graphics card is a nvidia 960M (laptop) and I don't use nvidia inspector, I have nvidia exprience and Nvidia control panel. I also heard I need to disable anti aliasing?? I wanna use anti aliasing since it does major difference. thanks
  15. hello, I have FSX Steam and I want to use FXAA tool since I saw what difference it makes. I have a nvidia GTX 960M 2GB (laptop) I7-5500u 2 core 2.4ghz and 16GB ram. I have downloaded Fxaa Tool SVN 117 (it says in the winrar) I have no idea how to activate it, nor use it or install it to FSX. if you have any idea please tell me. thanks!
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