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  1. do you have ezdok camera add-on, did you reinstall fsx? I did indeed reinstall windows 10 because my computer was junk and did not work, yet after OS reinstall it had the same issue.
  2. disable game overlay or revert your nvidia driver, mine had the same issue now it works fine on the latest driver. probably the most common problem
  3. many thanks, now all of my games run fine! (some games with old drivers didn't work) yes fsx works. thank you very much!
  4. oh here's another thing, I did downgrade the nvidia driver but now most of my games don't work. is there a way to run fsx on the newest driver? (Beam NG Drive doesn't work) thanks
  5. I have a nvidia gtx 960m, I downgraded my driver from 471 to last version of 466 if I remember correctly, thanks for the guy who said I should downgrade my driver. as again, thanks.
  6. hello, I have FSX Steam edition. I deleted the game like 2 weeks ago so I can have a fresh start. so then I reinstalled it with very few add-ons. like the 4th time I launched the game the game would show the splash screen for 5 seconds and die immediately. List of add-ons installed right before it crashed (maybe some add-on might have caused it) PMDG 737-800, Aerosoft A318-A321, Flytampa Maarten and Midway, REX 4, Team GEX autogen world (freeware, google it there's also a 2nd part which I also got it) TreeX (also freeware) Just Flight DC-10 HD, Captainsim 707. ENB Series by Robin oh and, right before this annoying this started, I got Team GEX Autogen world, ENB Series and 3 repaints for the PMDG 737. I have now Reinstalled this game for 6 times now. I even resetted my windows 10 OS. I will not change to a flight sim due to how much money I spent, nor I have any money for a new one. please reply as fast as you can. thanks.
  7. hello all, I deleted FSX to do a fresh start a week ago. (I also had ENB Series installed on it) this one: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=193817&CatID=fsxmisc I did a fresh start. I did again install FSX with much less add-ons and I got ENB Series again. this time the game goes to the splash screen (with the orange sky and blue ocean saying Flight Simulator X Steam Edition) it stays like this for 5 seconds and immediately crashes with no error, it just won't launch. I got rid of both d3d9.dll and enbseries.ini (I forgot I think it's dll or ini) nothing else, it just generates on it's own. I did reinstall the game twice also checking game file verification on steam. no difference. I had a few add-ons already I installed at the time and I'll list it here: PMDG 737-800, Aerosoft A318-A321 Just Flight DC-10 HD, Qualitywings 757, Flytampa TNCM, Flytampa KMDV, Captainsim 707 and REX 4. I did also get TreeX and GEX Autogen world textures. (freeware) I have no idea what is causing it to crash, another thing, there is no Flight Simulator X Files in documents, nor fsx.cfg is there. (I think something to do when installed, it does it on it's own) even only with base game (no add-ons) issue still persists. thanks
  8. I actually reverted BACK to higher detailed model (2048x2048) and I'm getting more fps than the higher performance mode and it's very funny.
  9. there is but I couldn't figure it out. there is a small area made for aerial refueling in Flight Engineer panel.
  10. hello, I have the just flight L-1011 professional for FSX Steam. does anyone know how to lower the fueling hose? thanks.
  11. on the windows task bar, search for DC-8, I believe there is 3 programs named DC-8, 2 of them for 10-40 series and the other one for 50-70 series. one of the programs disable effects for 10-40 (engine smoke etc.) and the other program lowers the resolution of the 10-40 series. the other program for the 50-70 does both. thanks
  12. ISSUE HAS BEEN SOLVED (well, kinda) so there is this programs for each model (10-40, 50-70) which changes resolution and the effects settings, which I disabled and lowered both. now there is a little more fps, which is kinda playable. I'd say this issue is solved. thanks
  13. I wrote my specs in the top of the page (first message). thanks
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