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  1. After long time without flying, decided to do one. CTD again with the latest FS2Crew version. Same route, same a320 later - everything is fine. Actually have no idea what can be wrong with it...
  2. Well, I had it in UHHH-UHSS flight today. Default scenery. Later I had it in URSS-URRP flight, caught it on stream - https://youtu.be/AeVx0a4E3zI?t=6613 I will try to fly the UHHH-UHSS route and make a Go Around again later, but for now I am sure it's Flight Crew causeing CTD. Maybe Go Around it isn't trigger of it.
  3. Did it, as mentioned in the topic. Same result)
  4. Hello, I am gettind CTD usign Flight Crew with MSFS2020 and A32NX. Only them, as I had some ideas what was the cause of it, so I tested sim only with these addons enabled: CTD message CTD Text: I know, that it caused by Net Framework, so I did, what was written in this topic: Plus I checked Net Framework in Windows 10 and restore it's files, then updated to lates version. In normal OPS from A to B it seems, that everything is fine, at leaste I did a couple of flights without CTD. But if you Go Around, CTD happense after a random time, even if you don't currently goint through any checklists. 3 flight - all CTD with NET Framework. As I run out of ideas how to fix it, so writing to this forum for advices.
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