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  1. Okay, so after doing some multiplayer with some friends last night I realized that the problem wasn't my G2 at all. It was Teamspeak. Sure enough all of the problems came back when I was playing with them and persisted even when I got fed up after crashing and switched off VR. Switching to Discord seems to have solved the problem.
  2. For what it is worth, by just removing the speakers from my reverb (one screw each - it's designed to remove the speakers) and diabling the Realtek USB soundcard that the Reverb installs, I was able to use my normal headset and it worked without issue. I do have an x570 motherboard, and according to the information others posted and my own digging it looks like it is an issue with the AMD Chipset drivers - specifically for the USB Controller. Now to figure out the right display settings to get better frame-rates.
  3. From my Windows-Store/Gamepass instance of Flight Sim 2020 using my Reverb G2, I am noticing that I get intermittent and sporadic, let's call them pauses in the game. It seems to potentially be sound related, because when it happens, sound will cut out, then the volume indicator will show and the game will just hang for a little bit as if it's switching hardware. Has anyone else run into this issue? It's not a system or power issue, since I don't get the windows hardware insert/removal chimes. It is rather isolated to FS2020 though, because in other VR games I can play at even higher settings without issue. Any ideas?
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