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  1. Update, all I had to do was undock the map window and problem solved. Definitely a bug
  2. Help, when selecting a procedure from the procedures list, the procedure preview with the blue lines does not show on the map. Any way to fix it. Thanks in advance
  3. I am having an issue where the map is located at KDFW, moving around the area causes the system to freeze up. The freezing does stop though. Is this an issue with littlenavmap or something else. Thanks.
  4. Can you help me out, why am I getting please wait x seconds before attempting another search, it is getting annoying when trying to search in the forum. Thanks for the help in advance.
  5. Is it even possible to load a flight plan without going to main menu? I know in fsx you can press flight planning on the top bar to access the flight planning page where you can load or save a flight plan.
  6. I have a question about navdata updates in the a32nx. When the simulator updates, does the navdata in the a32nx also update with the simulator?
  7. Then how did you calculate the descent profile if you load an arrival that has constraints built in. Is there a difference between loading an arrival that has constraints and making our own constraints instead.
  8. I would like a feature where you can set the restrictions on a waypoint by right clicking and pressing that option. Would be cool if atc needs a specific restriction. This means that people flying aircraft with no fmc can know when to descend.
  9. I am wondering if there is a freeware alternative to chaseplane or ezdok. Can't really find much about it so I thought a freeware alternative does not exist for chaseplane/ezdok.
  10. Does anybody in this forum know how to convert xplane 11 liveries to fsx. Thanks.
  11. It was the airports show option that was trying to screw things up. Thanks for the help though
  12. I know that I can just right click on the gate I want to spawn at by going to the gate on the map and right clicking. It is then supposed to show a menu where you can set the gate as departure. For me it does not work at all. It is blanked out even when right clicking on the gate. I also create the flight plan using the description.
  13. When i try to load a flight plan, it can either work just fine or fsx just freezes until it just crashes.
  14. When I am flying, I usually activate the flight plan leg to find the ETA. Only problem is that the waypoint will go back to the previous waypoint i am flying to in my fsx gps. Any way to stop that behavior?
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