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  1. Is there any way to get the live number of departures and arrivals of any airport. This is to find the most popular airport. A reply would be nice!
  2. I need to reset editvoicepack changes to default. editvoicepack did not revert changes. Reinstalling FSX does not work. It would be appreciated if you can reply.
  3. Specific Aircraft would be the Cessna 172SP.
  4. I am using a utillity called Little Navmap where it is a flight planner for flight simulators. To calculate fuel, you need Aircraft Performance data. The Little Navmap website don't have all aircraft performance files and would rather have to make the Aircraft Performance manually. I can fly the plane for the data but sometimes it is inconvienient. I am trying to find Aircraft Performance data related to fuel like Fuel Flow, Reserve Fuel, Usable Fuel, etc. Some sources don't have all the performance data and the websites or sources i visit don't have the fuel related data. If there is a source where i can find most aircraft performance data especially with fuel related data, it would be helpful because i can fill the data onto Little Navmap.
  5. Is there any way to do holding patterns using default gps. I already know how to execute a holding pattern manually but I want the GPS to automate it. I searched stuff about this but they are outdated from 2006. Is there any new way to do an unpublished holding pattern using the default fsx gps system?
  6. I am having an issue when I am creating a flight plan, when I show procedures and add procedures to flight plan, then after exporting the flight plan to FSX-SE, when i checked the flight plan on FSX-SE, i see that the flight plan is on direct instead of following the procedures i added on LittleNavMap. is this a bug or i have to change some settings.
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