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  1. Nearly six years after his death no matter what page you go to there is an image of Tom do you realise how creepy that is honour the guy yes but only in the memorial section
  2. I take it nobody has an answer. ah well
  3. Used LNM to create a multi legged Bush Trip for use in MSFS 2020 and all goes OK until I start it up in the sim If I have the aircraft parked on the Apron in one of the designated places when I start up the bust trip the aircraft is super imposed into another aircraft that is in the same parking bay. Delete all the files in MSFS 2020 and change the parking bay in LNM and yes, the same thing. I am using Bush Trip Injector to get the LNM generated file into MSFS 2020 and the Developer has no idea why it is happening. Anyone knows whay or is there a fix?
  4. Hi folks. UK flight simmer here, been using MS Flight Sim since about 1990, including FSX and even Flight. Have FS2020 and a Thrustmaster stick and that is it. i also obtained my Private Pilots License in the mid Nineties flying 152’s, 172’s, Cherokee’s, Warrior’s and Aztec around England. Just learned about the Apps, LittleNav and Bush Trip Injector and have been making my own Bush Trips around the UK using them. The latest being a Bush Trip around and on the Lake District in England, I say on the Lake District as it is set up to fly an Icon A5 amphibian hence there are plenty of water landings available plus dome challenging Farm Strip type Airfields.
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