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  1. Hello, I have just purchased Reality XP for my flight sim HOWEVER I have downloaded the WRONG platform. I use P3D v5.1 but I inadvertently downloaded the XP version. Can this be changed ? My order No is :-1520240 Cheers Rod Wright
  2. Just bought a CLS-E NG yoke after playing around with a Modified Saitek yoke. Ok the difference in PRICE is humongous BUT the feel and quality set this yoke apart. After installing, I used the yoke without the cls2m software, just calibrated it in P3D v5.1. In this mode it had the centering effect but the yoke moved to follow the trim on elev. and aileron so that was nice to see. Never tried the Autopilot to see if it followed it. Next I opened the software and yes there are 2 boxes to click, but first you must have the sim running whatever sim you are using and then the software connects easily. I then looked around for a while trying to find how to download the Profile for the Beech Baron on their web site. Seems that you need to register in the Brunner Forum before you can d/l the profiles that are listed there. After loading up the Baron profile I decided a flight was in order to check this out. After the normal checklist setting prior to flight including take off trim set, I noticed at idle the yoke was full fwd, thats OK, and the yoke was vibrating with the engines running, thats OK, accelerate and the yoke starts to move back as airflow goes over the elevator, thats OK, as airpseed gathers near 60 k the yoke goes FWD a bit then at 80 k moves back more and then the aircraft just launches in the air with no input from me !!! a quick adjustment on the trim and all is OK. During the flight the Ailerons behaved as expected becoming very heavy in a steep turn and lighter in level flight same as the Elevator to the point of stall. Now for the landing and well that was just a no brainer, not having to put up with a sticky and null zone in the elevator that the Saitek had I greased it onto the runway. I am going to make some adjustments in the software as I feel what Brunner have as their profile is not how I would expect the Baron to fly, and it certainly is not like other Baron aircraft that I have flown in the various simulators. One thing I have done is to reduce the engine vibration to 10% at idle this makes for more realistic feel, and disconnected the stick shaker, small A/C don't have them. Overall impression after just 3 days flight time...... IMPRESSED........ Money well spent................Looking forward to how this beast can be tamed better for more realistic flight which I am sure it can be and if Austin, from X-Plane gets involved in modifying the software, which he volunteered to do on his you tube vid, then we can all expect a wonderful piece of extremely well engineered hardware.
  3. Why is that the baron has a " SEE THROUGH" MIP when installed in P3D v5.1. How do I correct that ?
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