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  1. Trying one more time. Anyone using the GTN 750 in the Bell 407 or Bell 412 using the optional plugins? I was wondering if everything still works as those plugins haven’t been updated in a while. Also is it plug and play or do I have to fiddle with the many options? Thanks. I’m just making sure before I buy the RealityXP software.
  2. Btw, anyone use the GTN 750 in the Bell 407 or the Bell 412 using the optional plugins? Is it plug and play? I looked at the Reality XP GTN 750 guide and there are many options. Are there any you have to set?
  3. That sounds like a plan. I got used to creating them using Navigraph.
  4. Any comments on this? Abt the .gfp flight plan format. Any way to convert Navigraph flight plans to it?
  5. I’m new to helicopters. Any issues with plugging in the GTN 750 into the ones stated in the topic? Can you use autopilot to fly an ILS approach with it? I haven’t bought the package yet and am looking to pull the trigger. Also, I guess you have to load the flight plan directly into the GTN unit. Can it read standard Xplane 11 flight plans?
  6. I got the hud portion working in FSX. Now I am starting to go through the tutorial missions with it and then try some regular missions. I had a track ir clone working with an iphone app so I can try it again. I think X Plane also has a helicopter plugin called helihud which is very similar to this one.
  7. Thanks for this. So you think it can be added to FS X?
  8. I refueled in flight using the standard X-Plane fuel dialog which I know you are not supposed to do with the Zibo 737. Is there a way to easily refuel in flight using the Zibo EFB?
  9. I guess I am too used to MSFS 2020 which I have left behind because of too many bugs. I was flying the Zibo 737-800 and ran out of fuel mid flight! It seems you can go to the flight menu and refuel during a flight but I can’t find a way to make it unlimited. No big deal if you can’t. I was just curious.
  10. I figured out the Zibo saving and loading. On the left side of the cockpit there is an extra display that has save and load options. It seems to work fairly well.
  11. Thanks for the explanation. Does anyone know if there is a way to save and load the Zibo 737 and reload the flight plan? I think I figured out how to do it with a g1000 loaded plane. I’m not too familiar with the Zibo 737 fms.
  12. I’m testing the demo getting ready to buy but ran into one or two snags. On a g1000 equipped plane I save the flight and re-load it and find the flight plan data is gone. Searching google I found if I set the AP setting to HDG and take note of the next waypoint, when I reload the flight plan I can set it to the correct values. It is a workaround but it works. If you don’t set it to heading before you save, there are all sorts of problems. I was wondering if the Zibo 737 saving and loading can be managed in a similar manner? I have read the g1000 manual in the past so I understand it but I only know how to load the flight plan into the 737 FMS and not much else. Has anyone tried saving flights with the Zibo 737 and reloading them later? The Zibo 737 looks so fancy so I am dying to try it.
  13. I’m trying out the X-Plane demo as suggested. Everything looks good until I try a multi engine jet. In FSX and MSFS 2020 there is an option to map a throttle lever to all engines. Also a single prop lever for all propellers. How can I do this in X-Plane 11? Thanks!
  14. I am learning helicopters in FSX but am looking forward to what’s next. I have MSFS 2020 installed for airplane flying but it is just too buggy and I am fed up with it. I have a 10th generation processor with 32GB RAM and a 3080 rtx graphics card. Is X-plane 11 a good choice? I also own Air Manager 4 to display panels on separate monitors and I think it should work with X-Plane. I would like to run Garmin g1000 bezels on it for planes that have that device. Also how is the helicopter flying in the sim? Thanks!
  15. Is it alright using the outside view to land? I find it hard to judge distances if I fly in the cockpit. Also it’s easier to see the direction of the rotors. I’ll try the control settings you mentioned. Are there any add-ones that help with helicopter flying? Thanks in advance for your help!
  16. To give a little more description of how I am practicing, I am flying helicopter mission tutorial 10 and keep trying to land exactly on the “H”. After you land once there are more landing pads to try. I am flying looking at the helicopter from the outside because I can’t seem to get a hang of flying in the cockpit. I read on the internet that there used to be a site hovercontrol.com that was very helpful but it is dead now. I saw someone mention a device or gauge you can load into FSX to help with hovering and landing. Anyone with info on this? Thanks!
  17. I’ll try. I’m finding it very difficult. Especially landing in cockpit view. It does feel like you are riding a unicycle.
  18. I think the throttle control in FSX is automatically converted to the collective when flying helicopters in the game. I don’t see a separate control setup screen for helicopters. Am I missing something? I think my separate throttle is being automatically set up as the collective. Am I wrong? Thanks!
  19. I’m just learning about flying helicopters in mission tutorial #9. I thought when you push the collective forward (using my throttle), the helicopter should go higher. But I find that if I dont pull the cyclic control back a bit, the heli doesn’t rise. Likewise if I don’t push the cyclic forward, it doesn’t descend. Is this correct? I thought pushing forward on the cyclic controls was for accelerating.
  20. I love FSX missions that come with the various editions. Do any of the paid add-on mission packs take up the mantle? Also should I move to P3D 4 if the mission packs work in both p3d and FSX because p3d is still supported and more up to date? Thanks!
  21. As an update, I completed the mission by watching a YouTube video showing the places to look for the missing person. But I am still interested in how to go to a specific lat/long.
  22. I want to give the missing coworker mission a go but I don’t want to spend 3 or more hours on it. I am willing to “cheat.” The 6 possible randomized locations of the missing coworker are as follows as I have done some preliminary research. Possible locations of missing coworkerN48� 20.14' W121� 01.08'N48� 24.71' W120� 58.24'N48� 18.18' W120� 59.89'N48� 12.25' W120� 52.57'N48� 12.28' W120� 54.94'N48� 27.00' W120� 58.31' I am new at reading these values. How can I use them to quickly check out each location? I don’t even know how to display your current lat/long in the game. Thanks in advance for you help. Everyone here has been very helpful.
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