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  1. Looks like I cannot delete my previous post or edit it so I'll try another post. I DID IT!!!! I copied the user.lua into the user.lua of the aircraft folder. I found another message saying that. I changed the vc stuff to NGX and now I have all of the buttons working. In the code, there is no variable for the CRS as it says there isn't one for it. Here's my contribution to the group! NGX_AP_CRS_LR_inc() NGX_AP_CRS_LR_dec() It works on mine! Now after 6 hours of programing I can go get groceries. Thanks for all the posts and help!
  2. Well, I finally got all of my buttons working which is a huge accomplishment for me. Now it's time to work on the dials. I see user code that was created and I am grateful for the 737 change to help them work. I just don't know what file to insert that into and where exactly it goes so that I can get it to work. These are the settings I have so far in LINDA Alpha Lights 21 – NGX BEACON off 22 – NGS BEACON on 23 – NGX LAND ALL off 24 – NGX LAND ALL on 25 – NGX TAXI ALL off 26 – NGX TAXI ALL on 27 – NGX NAV strobe 28 – NGX NAV steady 29 – NGX LOGO off 30 – NGX LOGO on Brakes 4 – Brakes 31 – NGX AUTOBRAKE OFF 32 – NGX AUTOBRAKE 1 33 – NGX AUTOBRAKE 2 34 – NGX AUTOBRAKE 3 35 – NGX AUTOBRAKE MAX Bravo Top Buttons 1 – NGX AP HDGSEL 2 – NGX AP VORLOC 3 – NGX AP APP 4 – NGX AP LNAV 5 – NGS AP VNAV 6 – NGX AP LVLCHG 7 – NGX AP SPEED 8 – NGX AP CMDA toggle 17 – 21 – this is where the dial selectors should be Switches 31 – NGX GEAR up 32 – NGX GEAR down 34 – NGX AP FD1 on 35 – NGX AP FD1 off 36 – NGX AP ATHR arm 37 – NGX AP ATHR off 44 – NGX XPND MODE tara 45 – NGX XPND MODE stby 46 – NGX AP FD2 on 47 – NGX AP FD2 off
  3. I will definitely try that. Please forgive my ignorance, but when I click save (after assigning a button in LINDA) and then resync a message pops up on FSX saying that it has been synced. But should I be doing an extra step with user.lua? I appreciate the guidance.
  4. Thanks. Now I just need to figure out how to actually get the code to actually work with the aircraft. Seems like everything is connected in terms of programs, but nothing I have coded or actions that I have selected work when synced.
  5. I have another question and I beg your patience with me. I am just getting into LINDA. So far, I have mapped my Bravo Axis (Engine 1 Throttle, Engine 2 Throttle, Speed Brake, Flap, Trim, and Reversers) through FSUIPC I am now trying to use the lua code that was given for the 747, changing it for the 737. My problem is, where exactly do I insert it? Am I inserting it into the user.lua file in my aircraft PMDG 737 folder or is it somewhere else? When I find the correct file to insert it into (supposing that's what I'm supposed to do, where exactly do I insert it, within the code? I'm excited for all that I have learned in the last couple of hours trying to get the few switches I have working.
  6. I have just found this thread and I also just received my Bravo Throttle (last Thursday). I am still using FSX and trying to map all of the buttons, especially the dials. I just heard about Linda and have downloaded it and will most likely install it tomorrow. From all of the posts, I'm now beginning to think that this thread is related to P3D and not FSX, but are there many differences between mapping FSX and P3D?
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