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  1. Hello to all pilot friends! I'm French, excuse my English :) I have a pc with a 3090, 64Gb of ram, a powerful i9 and a g2 reverb. Here is the problem: even in intermediate and with a rendering scale of 80% in the helmet and in flight I only get 40fps which is totally impossible to steal because it gives you nausea. In addition, the game is not very beautiful because of the low rendering scale and the low parameter. I have to play with reprojection via openxr but there are artifacts. Quite disappointing experience so far and I wanted to know if anyone knowledgeable about how to increase performance. I would also like feedback from someone with a big setup. Thanks everyone!
  2. Good morning all, I am thinking of buying this configuration: MSI mag z490 tomahawk Intel Core i9 10900k 32 GB RAM Evga GeForce RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra Trading HTC Vive Pro I would like to run fs2020 at the maximum settings in vr with 60 fps. So I would like to know if this configuration can run fs2020 in vr with ultra and 60 FPS. If not, what configuration should be done and what should be changed? so sorry for my bad english :( Thank you
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