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  1. Found something. The Ailerons and the rudder are about 60% in one direction. The ailerons to teh left and the rudder down. Any idea? The Joystic and Throttle are calibrated.
  2. Hello, i bought two planes from Carenado. The TBM 850 and the C90 GTX. Both very nice planes. But with both planes have problems. 1. The planes spawn 1 meter above the surface of an airport. 2. It is impossible to control the planes after airborne and even climbing is not possible. These problems are the same with both airplanes. I have this problems only with these two airplaines. Not with the X-plane standard planes and not with other third party planes. I search the forum but didnt find anything. Can anybody give me a hint what i am missing here? Help is very much appreciated because the planes are not usable this way. BR Markus
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