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  1. Does anybody know if Robinson Crusoe Island is covered?
  2. In an everlasting search for the closest to the real world experience, I'd appreciate if you could tell me your observations on what's the most realistic setting under,: -Accessibility-main colour-default/protanopia/deuteranopia/tritanopia????? -Sound-music selection- colour 1 or 2???? I've never heard someone asking this question and unless we answer them all, we'll never be sure where did we stuck and our quest might be brought in jeopardy!
  3. I guess you're missing flap retraction speeds? ๐Ÿ˜œ
  4. You may use it to your advantage; you European guys will readily reckognize that for instance, when in shop and shopping for cheese and salami, you'll ALWAYS order in dekagrams! Only occasionaly people order in grams or kilograms. However, I have NEVER heard someone ordering in hectograms!!! Which is unfair and needs to change! So, whenever a shop employee is unfair to me (for it takes her too long to cut the cheese), I place my next order not like ' 30 dekagrams of mortadella, but 3 hectograms of mortadella. If I manage to keep the straight face, the poor creature is tempted to call for the supervisor! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. We had the same thing with AIG few months ago... the thing was everywhere! Now I'm doing my best to find out how to recompile properly! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  6. Is there a list somewhere of the over 100 available repaints?
  7. Remember FSNavigator from FS 2002 and FS9? I can't forget it! Every time I use Littlenavmap I feel clumsy cause it doesn't behave like FSNavigator! (Nor did FSTramp even though the author was the same!) Has any one of you adjusted the LNM settings so it resembles FSN more? Like simplistic map that shows the navaids with clearly visible frequencies, distances and directions? ...possibility to use the mouse to draw the line between the two spots that will show distance and direction? ...drag and drop the navaid to a side column in order to make a flightplan? I know LNM has it (almost) all, but does anybody have some settings he'd wish to share in order to make these two more alike in appearance and functionality?
  8. I still can't force myself to say that Milviz's is better than 7 Charlie Mike! Maybe if you, ryanbatc can cay that - considering you were beta testing some of the Dreamfleet's planes... maybe I make the transition...?! ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. Did someone pass ILS approach lesson under IFR navigation section? No matter how gentle I manage to land (less than 100 ftpm) 'she' just says 'watch out' and the flight resets! (I keep the speed within +- 10 kts, direction +-10 degrees and altitude +- 100ft)
  10. This looks like the same post-SU6 bug I'm plagued with so this fix might help: Start the SIM, make all the preparations for the flight but than before starting it go to general and lower all the graphics to Low. Start the flight and once you're in the plane bring the graphic settings back to your likings. Hope it helps!
  11. Without Asobo's assurance I wouldn't be too sure for in all the previous msfs iterations the rule was: whenever and wherever you install an add-on with a mesh in it, the sim will choose the one that is more detailed. Not being sure how it is now, I'd bet that is still the case.
  12. All the previous msfs versions had a possibility of inserting a small window, (usually showing the plane in spot view) into the screen. I never used it a lot cause it would hit the fps to much. However, now my PC can handle it easy and it'd be a great help in flying helicopters. Is there a way or an add on that enables it?
  13. It's 10 minutes now since I've installed win11 and I've NEVER had any problems!๐Ÿ˜
  14. Hi! Is it possible to edit some file, cfg or something...so opening the window in flight (because the sound is great) doesn't register as a crash?
  15. Say what you want, but gaming accessories do bring some major demarcations: https://titterfun.com/meme/x1ewqenr6ba9
  16. I ask cause I ran out of space on a256 gb m2 ( that includes some 30gb windows) 150 is ok. I guess I'll delete it all, clean the disk from all caches and try again๐Ÿ˜ฅ
  17. You mean the update is 44.. But altogether?
  18. ...MSFS folder after you updated everything that was to be updated? I seem never to experience that "significant shrinkage" that was mentioned in one of the previous updates and in this one; it constantly gets bigger even though i take care to point the update to the correct folder! How about you, how many GB is your MSFS big now?
  19. As Dilbert has asked once:"When your gut talks to you, what does it use as a mouth?" ๐Ÿ˜
  20. I stumbled upon a cool 1950ies DC6 documentary/promo, just what one needs in order to set an appropriate mindset before starting a flight with this bird: https://youtu.be/MiA6K4ZU1b8
  21. It's fast more than Italy: Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia and a great part of Greece!!!!!
  22. Yes, shipping traffic was installed in community.. wasnt aware of that... Thanks for the suggestions, will try them!
  23. After the last updateI've got to wait for a bit less than half an hour before the flight starts; In the beginning everything starts normally, than the sim starts checking for updates, a little circle circles as a good circle should, but not for long: it stops and nothing changes for some 15-20 minutes after which the loading process continues normally. The times are identical with Community folder emptied or loaded. (I use the linker app) Any ideas if there's anything else I should check/ change?
  24. I bet you're using Piper lighting improvement mod? Switch for the newest version: https://flightsim.to/file/10930/jf-piper-arrow-panel-lights
  25. You say that only because you didn't see there's a sticker on it that says 'Flight Simulator '!
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