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  1. I quite remember where I installed the garmin trainer. I don't understand if you mean the folder path or else. If it is something else I don't know what to do. Anyway, before I installed the garmin trainer in some folders and subfolders created by me, in the end the app was divided in 2 different drives and 2/3 separated folders. I think there wasn't bugs, only a messy installation that I made which apparently screwed up the GTN.
  2. I reinstalled everything again in the default installation folders and now it's working. soo yeah, better not to change default installation drives. Thank you all for your time bye!
  3. I intalled everything that is available, and yes I installed folders on a different drive because my C drive is full. So it is a bit mixed between 2 drives
  4. sorry I reposted because i thought it had been canceled. soorry
  5. hi, I bought the GTN 750 2 days ago, I installed everything following the guidelines, but there is no database; I already tried to reinstall everything 2 times. I already looked some threads in different forums, none of them helped. The garmin trainer app works fine and the database is there, in the realityxp 750 when i turn on the avionics show the yellow "database not found" for everything; the map is black, no waypoints, no airports... It si unusable! How can I add the database manually? I would appriciate a step-by-step defenitive guide, otherwise I will ask for a refound if possible. Thank you in advance
  6. Hi, I bought the GTN 750 2 days ago, I followed all the installation sequence, but there is no database. In the garmin trainer everything works fine and there is the database. The problem is that when i load in xplane and I power on the GTN, there are all the yellow "database not found" for everything. The panel works fine, but it is unusable. the map is black, there are no waypoints, no airports... I tried to reinstall everything 2 times but nothing. How can i add the database manually. I would appriciate a step-by-step guide. thank you
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