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  1. OK, I have a Link for you (Amazon Drive). Should I mail it. I don't like to post it public.
  2. Sorry, but I don't no how to host this on my system. What could I do? I checked rxpGNS2-FSIM-Setup.exe with WinRAR: On WinRAR-menue "Extras" I try "Repair Archive" (don't no if the same in US) I got this messages: 1. ! The file header is damaged 2. ! Unexpected end of file 3. ! A damaged header was found 4. ! No data repaired Hope we are slowly getting one step closer to the solution 😉
  3. rxpGNS2-FSIM-Setup.exe Size: 24,991,150 Bytes (23MiB) CRC32: 35313ECB (Explorer shows size: 24.406 KB)
  4. ad 1) Yes ad 2) Every time I reinstall with the e-commerce installer (with key or F1 account) the installer asked me which folder (I select "c:\RealityXP") and asked autostart after download (I select autostart yes). So I got the download (rxpGNS2-FSIM-Setup.exe and RXP-GNS530-FS.lic) from the e-commerce installer. After autostart or manual (DbClick on .exe) the RXP software installer doesn't start, and I got the message "Error: The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program". Always the same after 5-6 downloads. The installation-process (RXP installer) does not start at all, so the Garmin Trainer installer does not start either. I'm in Germany, could that be the reason for a download failure? If it's helpful: the checksums of rxpGNS2-FSIM-Setup.exe are CRC-32{35313ECB} or CRC-64{39FE6D26E3E10320}
  5. Now I deactivated MS Defender (only AV) and opened the Firewall. I reinstalled, but I face still the same problem. No files in quarantine no RXP files to exclude. Additionally, I now get an activation-limit notice. Ok, F1 Service, but what is my Serial-No.(can I see it on my F1 account?), I have a Purchase Certification No. - doesn't work??? So next problem...yeah... I really like to fly the Katana(FSX) and I would like to spend her a new, really nice GPS530 and having fun with this great instrument. But now I have to spend hours and hours in this purchase-sequence without any success! It's not fun!!! My Katana is rusting. Why is it so complicated? Pay, download and run - still works with others FSX-Addons. It's only the purchase-process. But this? Lost in RealityXP, F1, AVSIM. Try this, look here, search that. I would really like to use this great GPS, but I need a purchase-solution that works....
  6. Hi Bert, thanks for your fast feedback. I tried this, but still the same error... I think it´s not a download problem, the file seems to be ok (same size), the file is blocked...(don´t know why?)
  7. Hi, yesterday I purchased the GNS530. After I fixed the TLS-Problem I could purchase and download the "rxpGNS2-FSIM-Setup"-File (23,8MB). But, after I run this file (also as Administrator) I got this error-message: "This setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program." I use Win7 SP1, no 3rd party security/firewall, Folder is "c:\RealityXP"(incl..key, .lic, Proof and Setup.exe) So I did the following: 1.I reinstalled the file twice in a different folder. also with lic and key - but the same error ocurred 2. I read/tried your "Important Information for Windows Vista/Win7 Users" and "Things to try...": I fixed Firewall, DEP... but no difference, still the error ocurred. I tried DEP: but this program has to be started with active DEP! I can´t deactivate DEP for this file. The other possibility (DEP only for windows applications) does not work as well .... I´ve no idea what else I could do...please help!
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