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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, I really love your work. I just love that other people love this hobby so much that they work hard to improve it for free. That's unfortunate that the stutter seems to be inherent to the stock planes with no way to remove it. My hunch is that Asobo didn't know about open source improvement projects for stock planes (or that they didn't exist) when they started making the planes. So I bet the decreased workload from implementing the gauges that way seemed to be the way to go because they thought that the stock planes would only be filler while enthusiasts would go for addon aircraft. I'm not a programmer so you'll have to forgive my ignorance. What's the prognosis like for a situation like this? Can the gauges be ported over to a more efficient language? Will the upgrade to DX12 help?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm a huge fan of the WT CJ4 and the FBW A320, but I find both of those planes unflyable due to a stutter that happens every few seconds on the Coherent GT Draw thread. The game runs perfectly smooth for a few seconds at a time, then will freeze for around maybe a quarter or an eighth of a second, then resume running smooth, rinse and repeat for the entire flight. Worth noting that this happens in exactly 0 addon aircraft. The JF Arrow, Aerosoft CRJ, and the Carenado M20R all run perfectly smooth and never drop frames. It's only the default planes that do this. I've searched around, but I can't find anyone else talking about this, but when I watch videos of gameplay with those planes, I can see the stutter happening there too. Performance at least on my end shouldn't be an issue, I'm running a Ryzen 7 3700x and an RTX 3080. And like I said, addon planes are buttery smooth. It looks like these default planes are just hooked up to the CGTD thread in a way that causes it to drop frames every so often. I love these mods though so if anyone has any ideas that would be great. I've tried changing the glass cockpit refresh rate setting but that just makes the stuttering way worse.
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