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  1. Pitch and roll are unusable. Initially, inputs don't result in much movement of the stick / yoke (in the game), but then suddenly there is too much and the aircraft rolls or climbs/dives uncontrollably. I've also noticed that returning the joystick to the centre position, does not result in a corresponding movement in the game. In MSFS calibration everything works fine (in Windows too) but none of the settings (e.g. dead-zone, sensitivity, etc.) fix the issue in gameplay. I have up to date drivers, and the X52 does work fine in other games like X-plane or DCS. I am currently using an old Logitech Extreme 3D in MSFS and that works without an issue. Anyone else had any similar issues? I would appreciate the help because whilst the Logitech Extreme is OK-ish, I would prefer a full HOTAS setup. Thanks Danilo
  2. Hey, I just wanted to let everyone know that I finally got it working. I finally came across another person who had the same problem and the fix is so simple that it's downright stupid. Seems like MSFS was attempting to start a new window (i.e. a Map or ATC), so I all have to do it is turn those on and off, and everything works fine now. Now to resolve the bigger problem of spending ridiculous amounts of money for some next get rig to get the graphics to more acceptable levels, because clearly my 2070 just isn't up to the task, haha. Thanks to all who tried to help.
  3. Well, I tried all the suggestions and whatever else I've come across, but nothing seems to fix the issue. Interestingly enough, I noticed just now that my GPU goes completely nuts when I try to enter VR mode, even at low settings. Under Performance in Task Manager, the GPU is going between 80% to 99% utilisation, which surely isn't normal, even for a graphics heavy game like MSFS. I know people with lesser spec'd PC who are able to run VR in MSFS, so that doesnt make sense to me. Also, turning on the VR headset causes some buzzing which gets quite intense at times when going into MSFS, not that I can be sure that's related. I would certainly be happy to live with the buzzing if the VR worked. But anyway, I appreciate all the helpful advice. I'll just have to keep experimenting.
  4. Also, I have tried both 60hz & 90hz. Honestly, I feel like I have tried every conceivable variation of pressing various buttons, but nothing does anything at all. I was hoping that maybe someone might recognize the odd behavior with the game seemingly starting VR but then failing at the last moment, and repeating this until it crashes.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have had WMR open before starting MSFS, but I have also tried in other ways. Basically, when the simulator starts and I get into the cockpit and activate VR, the Headset is actually in the house on the cliffs. When I activate VR it does the sort of dissolve to start the game but then is back in the house. And that repeats numerous times until MSFS gives up and crashes. It's almost like it's trying to fire up but keeps failing to make it happen. The problem is that if there is a setting somewhere, I have probably messed with it at some point, figuring I'm down to trial and error essentially. I know this doesn't help, but I have been trying various things for 20 solid hours now, so I have tried anything I could think off, and all with ZERO effect on the problem. I really dont know what HAGS is, so I cannot say whether it's on or off. OpenXR doesnt seem to have too many settings, butI have tried various ways and am back to basically default.
  6. I recently got a Reverb G2 and it works fine with everything except MSFS, which is of course the main reason I got it. The gear I'm running isn't top of the line but should run the game without issues, at least at lower settings; AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Asus Prime X570 Asus GForce RTX 2070 Super ROG SSD Hard Drive Basically, I start the sim and everything is fine until I am in the cockpit, but when I then go to activate VR, everything goes crazy. I do get the VR view on my monitor but it is like it is trying to start but cannot, so it starts/stops every second. This goes on for a minute and eventually it crashes to the desktop. At the same time, inside the headset it keep doing a dissolve from the standard environment as though it is about to start the game in VR, but always resolves back into the environment, never actually showing the cockpit at all. I have tried starting the game in our of WMR, SteamXR, or starting VR out of the game. No matter what I do, the exact same problem remains. I have read through countless posts and watched numerous videos, but I cannot find a solution to my problem, and I could not find anyone having quite the same issue as me. I did try various things, including rolled back drivers, updated drivers, OpenXR, SteamXR, unticking theaters, different settings, low to high graphics settings, re-downloading and installing MSFS. I am a wits end, as they say. Hope someone can help because I am extremely keen on finally going VR in MSFS. Thanks !!! Danilo
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