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    VA Features?

    Hey guys I wanted to get an idea of what everyones favorite feature in a VA is or more importantly what features what features you wish were in a VA? Thanks for the feedback!
  2. In 1997 Valujet Airlines ceased operations following the tragic crash of Valujet Flight 592. Now in 2021, Valujet Virtual Airlines returns the beloved Critter logo to Atlanta. The airline is starting out flying routes on the east coast using the DC-9, MD-80, and Boeing 717. Current Crew Bases are Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, and Chicago. CEO Zack Weisenburger has hinted that management is considering additional fleet types for varried operations. Valujet VA has indicated that each month new routes would be added. Additionally, the airline has several events throughout the month and a monthly giveaway. To celebrate the launch, the first giveaway will be at the end of June and will include a copy of ORBX's Global Base Package to the Top Pilot and a 100 Euro voucher to SimMarket for a randomly selected pilot. Valujet VA is accepting new pilots at this time. For more information or to apply, head over to https://www.valujetva.com.
  3. After enabling FS2Crew for PMDG 777 it seems to have done something to the cockpit chimes, dings, and button clicks. I have the ER, LR, and 300ER. Wondering if any of you guys might have an idea of what caused this. FS2Crew audio works fine as does engine sounds. Also not have the same issue with the 737 or QW 787. Speakers also seem to be cofigured correctly to send all audio to headset. Thanks!
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