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  1. I get you are frustrated but, 1) I have no issue with the update system and I'm sure if lots of people did there would be hundreds of complaints but there's not. 2) Pirates are a big issue, anything that can stop it is a good thing, also you going what I care about is very selfish, the program is made for thousands of customers, not just you and 99% do not complain, and the fact you can't see this and still choose to blame the developer shows you probably have some issues 3) I could name you quite a lot of flight sim companies that will ask if you are on the latest version before offering a inch of help, it's impossible to offer support on every update version possible, as the developer will only run the latest version on his system. Plus is it that inconceivable that actually an update may be important as it could fix issues in a previous version 4) You've attack FS2Crew for a lack of proffessionlism, yet they have done nothing wrong? Again I've used FS2Crew for years will no issues, if fact if anyone is being unprofessional it's you, you have basically created a post ranting and raving (by capitalising certain words and using aggressive punctuation) instead of writing a more polite post enquiring why FS2Crew have decided on mandatory updates which you would have got a more than sufficient answer, I would put money on you getting injured if you took this tone with someone in person but as it's the internet it's 'ok' to act like that 5) You say the updates only fix minor things and they don't listen to the community, this is wrong, take the Flight Crew A320, when development started they would have decided to base in on a certain SOP, in this case the Airbus SOP, as the FBW in very much a developmental aircraft things get added all the time, so FS2Crew have to update the Flight Crew A320 to reflect the changes made, also they do listen to the community, on April 7th someone said they don't like the transparent option, the 11th April gives an option to toggle between the transparent and non-transparent option, ergo, FS2Crew listen to the community.
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