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  1. Picked up the airbus stick, works awesome right out of the box!
  2. @ryanbatcund It's not particularly laggy in calibration, maybe 1ms or 2ms. @cianpars I'll have a look at the airbus stick. Not very cheap unfortunately.
  3. Hi all, I just purchased 2020 and am so excited about it. I played FSX a lot maybe 10 years ago and this is such an improvement. I have the older logitech attack 3 joystick, which looks a lot like the 3D without the yaw controls. I have tried to set it up in the control settings, and for some reason I can barely control the planes, it seems like there is a massive delay in response causing the aircraft to waver all over the horizon. Any tips to get this working, after almost 2 hours of messing around I am no closer to resolution. thanks
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